Posted by: thefitacademic | January 30, 2011

January Goals Wrap-Up

So the end of January is here (well, close enough) & it’s time to revisit my January Goals! I had set some original goals, that were then revised in the middle of the month (see here). So here they are:

1. Take time to myself. Status = check! I’ve spent most of my “me time” dedicated to scrapbooking, tending to my nails, reading magazines, or hanging out with friends. Next month I hope to really bust out the guitar more often!

2. Workouts. Status = check! I’ve been keeping up with my cardio, although I want to start a new weights routine. I’m thinking of starting P90X again. The program is tough & time-consuming, so I’ll probably modify it….this may be a goal I start soon.


3. Cooking. Status = check! I’ve cooked lots of things lately! From chicken pot pie and parmesan cod to peanut butter chocolate chip protein bars. I’m pretty happy in this domain.


I also set some short term goals just for the time while Chris was gone (2 weeks)

1. Scrapbook. Status = check! My goal was to get caught up at least through the end of October and that’s exactly where I’m at. It took 2 scrapbook “marathons” as well as several shorter sessions in the evenings after school, but I did it! Now I’m only 4 months behind – which is quite an accomplishment considering I was a year and a half behind to begin with!

2. Class Planning. Status = half-check. I had hoped to finish all my class planning through the first 2/3 of the semester…..well I finished through the first third, but did not complete the second third. That’s okay though. This has been EXTREMELY time-intensive and I did what I could. I think I realized when I really got into it that there was no way I’d get through with the whole thing. I’m happy with my progress, so that’s what counts.

3. Nutrition. Status = half-check. I wanted to start getting rid of the junk food in my life and only focus on whole and natural snacks, etc. I can’t say that I’ve stuck to this 100%, but I think I’ve shown a marked improvement so I’m making steps in the right direction. This will be something that I hope to continue working on in the months to come.


I’m already thinking of some February goals, but I’ll post that in a couple days. Right now I’m off to cook & clean! Chris should be here in about an hour (!!!) and he’s bringing his brother with him – I’m sure they’ve worked up quite the appetite on the 14 hour drive!!!



  1. I need to make some February goals. I have year long goals, but I prefer monthly 🙂 Good job on yours!

  2. Great accomplishments! Sounds like you’re pretty focused 🙂
    I wanted to start making more meals for my family. I know that sounds pretty basic, but we all eat so differently and at different times, so it can be a challenge.
    BUT-I’ve made dinners several times this month, nearly more than all of last year! Well, not that many more, but I’m getting SO much better 🙂

  3. That’s a good idea to do month-by-month goals rather than year-long goals. I think I’m going to start doing the same–it makes reaching them less of an overwhelming task. Congrats on doing well with yours in Jan!!!!

    • Definitely – that’s the idea! : )

  4. Sounds like you’re doing spectacularly well with your goals, and probably far better than most! I love that you scrapbook- I cross-stitch as my creative outlet bet sadly my RSI has been playing up lately when I do. Bother! 😛

  5. You go girl on those goals! Sounds to me like you’re doing a bang-up job! And yaaaaaaaaaaay for your lover man coming home!

  6. I didn’t get all my goals done — but next month i’m uber determined to! =) You’re totally inspiring me and making me get my butt in gear! FACT ❤

  7. Goal setting is always good. I think P90X is a great workout but just not a good fit for me. I love being outdoors and cardio is no problem, but weightlifting is somewhat of a struggle. Jillian Michaels 20 minute shred is a much more realistic workout for me, time wise and the amount of weights and reps involved. You must be goal oriented, your commitment to your education is awesome!

  8. You’re doing great with your goals! Checks and half-checks rock!! I’m trying to set some goals for February too! 🙂

  9. I have a daily goal of showering. Some days that’s a challenging goal with a baby who doesn’t want to stop playing and nap 🙂

    Can’t wait to see what you have planned for Feb!

  10. Sounds like you did pretty good!!!!!
    My goals for this month is to focus on clean eating!

  11. I was doing good on my nutrition goal until I went to Foster Freeze last night and got a cookie dough twister. It was WAY bigger than I thought (and I got a small!!) and I def felt sick halfway through. Next time Im sticking to a vanilla cone!

  12. Good job with your goals- I can’t believe January is over already!

  13. I like this idea, I should try to set monthly goals for myself as well. Making positive changes like cutting out junk food or more time for yourself, are easier to monitor when you set specific goals and timelines… I think I’ll use this in Feb!

  14. Love that you checked in on your goals! I always make goals and never revisit them to see how it’s going……..

  15. i’m so impressed that you checked off your january goals! congrats! i didn’t make any official january goals, but i think i’d like to do some small goals for february. i always make way too ambitious goals though….i need to start small!

  16. Great work on your goals!

  17. You’re doing a great job with your goals! I’m going to sit down tonight and review my list to see how well I did in January. Have a great night! 🙂

  18. Way to go on meeting your goals! I was just writing a post about that myself!

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  20. […] in the beginning of March. I’ve decided to try P90X full gorilla. Yes, I know I’ve mentioned it before (and have even incorporated some of the P90X videos into my workouts before), but my mind has been […]

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