I first started this blog because I was engaged and wanted to get FIT for my wedding day!

My fitness routine made such an impact on my life and really changed the way I feel about exercise, food choices, and just general fitness!

I’m also a full-time graduate student/research associate/lecturer. Working in academia isn’t easy –  to be competitive it requires tons (like – almost ALL) of your time, and it can be hard to balance work with life. But health and fitness is a priority in my life and this blog chronicles my continual striving toward a healthier lifestyle and follows along my escapades in the kitchen, in the gym, and beyond!

If you want to hear more about my academic life, check out THIS

If you want to hear more about my adorable son puppy, Rocky, see THIS

If you want to know why I eat meat, see THIS

If you want to hear about how I met the man of my dreams, see THIS

Wedding-Related Posts

Bridal Gown/Bridal Portraits

Wedding Day Part I

Wedding Day Part II

Trash-the-dress Preview

Trash-the-dress Full



  1. Thanks for this blog, I really enjoy reading it!

    Drinking Water To Lose Weight

  2. Very interesting blog!

  3. […] About […]

  4. Ya know, I should have introduced myself before ever so bluntly commenting on your post..hehe. I can’t remember exactly where I ran across your blog, but I like it! Very cute.

    About your Austin post, from a couple days ago, here in Dallas the bluebonnets just started blooming and they are gorgeous! I’ll miss that when we move to CO.

    Oh and love the ‘dirty’ wedding pics. They’re unique and thats a GOOD thing!

  5. I’m so happy I’ve found your blog! Currently, I’m a grad psychology student working on my diploma thesis (social / personality psych and methods focused) and I’m also seriously thinking about academia afterwards. Also, working on getting fit. 😉 I’m excited to read more about you and your life!

    • haha, DON’T GO INTO ACADEMIA!!!! I kid, I kid! I always get a kick out of telling the undergrads NOT to go onto grad school (unless it’s in an unrelated discipline – medicine or law, etc.) Really though – I’m glad you found my blog, too!

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