Posted by: thefitacademic | January 31, 2011

He’s moving in!

Our house is tiny, so although I’m excited that Chris’ brother has come to visit, I am less-than-thrilled with the current living situation. This is how the corner of our living room is now set up


We don’t have a spare bedroom, and we are already strapped for closet space, so I guess it’s actually lucky that we had a wardrobe bar (it had been housed in a storage shed). We’ve set it up right in front of the front door, with his suitcase on the floor with pillows and blankets folded on top. It’s actually quite concise. Just wish it wasn’t blocking the front door (don’t worry – we have a side door entrance, which is actually the door we use most common anyway, so it’s not like our only entrance is blocked!)

And I’ve been reaping the benefits of having a couple extra people around! Today, in addition to helping with some chores around the house, they both pitched in to help some with dinner! Tonight we had breakfast for dinner!


Chris was in charge of hash browns, Adam did the eggs (not pictured), and I took care of toast & (protein) waffles! I topped my waffles with tons of freshly sliced strawberries & just a bit of whipped cream (yum!) By the time I got to the toast I was all carbo-loaded up so I ended up just having a couple bites. It was worth it though – true bliss!

In other news, an old friend that I haven’t talked to in 4 years found me on facebook today! It was so good to catch up with her – we lost touch when I moved from Austin to Florida. It’s hard to maintain friendships when I’m moving all over the country every couple years! Hopefully once we’re done in Arizona we can really put roots down somewhere! Open-mouthed smile

But for tonight – I’m off to share the couch (and TV) with two boys….I see sports in my future….or maybe one of those JackAss/WildBoys shows. exciting Winking smile



  1. Breakfast for dinner and everyone cooking together is SO much fun! 🙂 Your waffles look gorgeous! Such a clever idea to improvise a closet with the wardrobe bar, too!

  2. i love breakfast for dinner & it’s been so long since i’ve had it! how long is the brother staying?

    • we are unsure right now… he drove out & the plan was to visit & maybe help Chris with his new business for awhile. But no “end date” is set just yet.

  3. I know what you mean about moving all over! My husband and I are from Nebraska and after getting married, we moved to Baltimore (my husband completed a grad prgram at Hopkins). We left Baltimore after a year and now live in northern California, as my husband is doing another grad program! We like it here though and are hoping to stay even once he is done!

    • yeah – the hardest part is the not knowing! Being in a state of limbo!

  4. I love breakfast for dinner nights! Finding old friends on Facebook is the best. I think that’s one of the best things about that website!

  5. Breakfast for dinner rules… and put those boys to work! 😉

  6. i hope you’re all able to work things out and keep the peace! i’ve been on both sides of this situation: guest and host…….both are stressful.
    yay for old friends reuniting!

  7. Breakfast for dinner happens at least once a week in our house – it’s just too good not to!!

  8. I love breakfast for dinner, almost as much as I like having help with making dinner 🙂

  9. You’ll get used to the living arrangement and even if you don’t, at least take advantage of the extra help. That’s great. In fact, why not assign all the chores you absolutely hate to one of the guys. Someone may move out faster than expected. 😉

    Love breakfast for dinner. In fact, eggs anytime work for me.

  10. I understand cramped living conditions! I sometimes feel that way at home with just those of us that live here.
    Hope y’all adjust ok!

  11. That breakfast dinner looks yummy! How nice of everyone to work together. Maybe you can get a divider to hide the living closet? I like hanging with the guys. Always fun, I’m not too thrilled with Jackass though. I laugh, but it kinda makes me want to throw up at the same time. HA.

    Have fun! (and yes- thankfully edits make Galveston look much, much better than it is)

  12. I love catching up with old friends I haven’t had contact in years with. Have fun with your company! : )

  13. Mmmmm protein waffles are my favorite. I think it’s the little grooves that I love so much. 😉

    I love living with guys… keeps things interesting.

  14. […] I had another delicious breakfast! The other night when we made breakfast for dinner, we had a few waffles leftover. So, I heated up half a waffle, and topped it with half of a Chobani […]

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