Posted by: thefitacademic | February 1, 2011

February Goals + Philly Cheesesteaks!

When I did my January goal wrap-up, I was already thinking ahead for February. But, well, I’ve done some more thinking and things have changed a little. I was going to set some goals that were mostly extensions of my January goals. Instead, I’ve decided that I want to spend the month of February focusing on work (school) + my relationships (with Chris + with friends). So, I’ve decided to simplify for February

February Goals

1. Workouts:  Get in exercise a minimum of 4 days a week: 2 days should be cardio and 2 days should be strength training.

2. School:  Work hard and get ahead on school work and class assignments. I’m taking my comprehensive exams later this semester and I don’t want to have a full plate with everything else going on, so I need to get some other things off my plate.

3. Relationships:  I want to work on being present in my relationships and on strengthening them in multiple ways. I want to make more time for just Chris & I, but I also want to spend more time with friends and engaging in regular activities like going to the movies, the park, etc. Often times I opt out of these activities because I’m busy, but I need to make time for this type of stuff. And not just take the time to do it – but to really be present in the activity…not always thinking about the next thing on my To-Do List.

I’ve got more “healthy-living” type goals that I will re-incorporate back into my life in March. But for the month of February, as long as I’m meeting the minimum requirements above (and in terms of work-outs, this is pretty minimal for me), then I’ll call February a success! It’s a short month, after all, so I think it’s a good one for letting workouts take the back seat so I can focus on other things….just for awhile.

So the boys’ first night in Tucson, I decided to make philly cheesesteaks so that when they pulled up after their 14 hour drive, they’d have a nice meaty man-meal hot and ready for them! (Aren’t I a good lil’ wifey? Winking smile)

I started off with a bunch of meat I had prepared ahead of time (rubbed with brown sugar & marinated in a diluted OJ mixture).


I chopped up a bunch of onion, red bell pepper (no green on hand), and mushroomsPICT3065

Then, I sliced the beef up & threw it in a skillet to cook.


When complete, I put it on a hoagie roll with the onion/peppers. I also made a cheese sauce from melted pepper jack, mozzarella, with milk a dash of hot sauce, and some flour to thicken it up.  Put the cheese mix on top of the meat & veg. Done!


It was delicious! Plus bonus! There was some left over for lunch the next day. PICT3059

It was heavy on the veg, but it also had some meat hidden at the bottom! I ended up eating some of it just straight from the bowl (YUM) and some of it wrapped in a corn tortilla.

I love meals that I can roll over for lunch the next day!

Now I’ve got some errands to run and some lectures to prep! Hope you’re having a good one!

Do you ever purposely make extra “inner so you can have leftovers for lunch the next day?



  1. Holy balls, those philly’s look terrific! I may have to try that soon. The last time I made them they didnt have enough cheese!

    Anytime I make dinner, I always make extra for lunch or freeze the rest. It’s just me so cooking one single meal can be tough plus I want to save money so I dont mind taking leftovers for lunch.

  2. I always try to make extra dinner for lunch leftovers. I haven’t had a Philly cheese-steak in literally 5 years. The last one was amazing though, and yours looks really good!

  3. yes to making extra “stuffings”. i love putting that kind of stuff on top of a spinach salad or in a tortilla! it makes for great leftover meals that are still variations on what the original meal was.

    and you are a good little wifey making those philly cheese steaks!

  4. I love to make extras to carry over to the next day (or next 3-5 days, lol!) 🙂

    And you are a damn good wifey to treat your man to that meal!

  5. I dont really make extra on purpose except for beans and soups and stews and stuff like that. I just cant make a small pot!!! I could eat that kind of stuff all week long and not get tired.

    I like your workout goals! Im trying to figure out whats going to be a good routine for me so I can train consistently but with my schedule its just so hard with now.

    Your philly cheesesteak is making me hungry and I dont even like steak!!

    • I can totally relate about the crazy schedule! I had spent so long training for my first half marathon (which was on Jan 16th), that I feel like I need a break from all the hard-core training. I know some people keep it up almost year round, but I think I need to kind of “rest” between all-out training sessions! So, this was a good goal for me for right now.

  6. I always plan on making enough for leftovers from 2 dinners each week. That way we can have leftovers for dinner on one of the nights, so I don’t have to cook!

    • what a great idea! I should totally do that!!

  7. I live off of dinner leftovers. If I don’t have any, I end up eating a pb sandwich (which is boring and no fun)

    You’re a better wife than me, I hardly ever cook “man food” anymore 🙂

  8. I looove having extras for lunches throughout the week!

  9. LOVE making enough for leftovers the next day. some things taste better a day or two later. and lots of things taste good cold, too 🙂

  10. Great blog name! I can completely and totally relate! 🙂

  11. My fiance is salivating over my shoulder while i’m reading this post-haha

  12. Um, yes, I always make extra veggies for leftovers. I even go so far to put them in a tupperware right away so that the boys know those are for my lunch the next day. 🙂

  13. That looks pretty good. I don’t care if you told me it was poisonous and would make me so fat that I’d never fit into my coffin. I’d still ask for a bite.

  14. I definitely try to when I’m cooking at home… Unfortunatley my family usually eats it all 😛

    When I have a kitchen next year (I AM SO EXCITED) I foresee lots of cooking with leftovers so I can have some stuff stocked in the freezer for when I’m busy. 🙂

  15. […] Remember when I used to do monthly goals? (like here and here)? […]

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