Posted by: thefitacademic | May 12, 2011


Yes, I’m a day behind with my What I Ate Wednesday post.

But I’m always a little behind on trends and such. No biggie.

My day started off with a beautiful green monster glowing in the window with the sun just rising



Includes 2/3 banana, 1 Tbs. dark chocolate dreams peanut butter, 1 giant hand full of spinach, about 1/4 cup of pineapple (+ juice), hemp protein powder and a sprinkling of Chia seeds. Perfection.

Midmorning snack:


I bought a few of these when they were on sale at TJ’s. The flavor is good, but it reminds me too much of a candy bar (and the calorie content is comparable!) I only ate half of it.

I had to go into school for awhile, but it was my LAST DAY!!! Woo hoo!!! I’ve never been more excited for a summer break!!!

For Lunch I had a salad.


Includes turkey bacon, feta cheese, avocado, craisins, some walnut pieces, and after I took the picture I also added some shredded Boar’s Head honey glazed turkey lunch meat (sooo goood). Very filling

By about 2:30pm I finished up my school work. I was practically skipping down the hallway out of the building – I was that excited!

Chris picked me up and we swung by the house long enough to change into swim suits and headed over to a friends’ pool to soak up some sun. It was perfect! We made plans to go on a camping trip this weekend.

Came home and munched a cheese stick while I prepped for dinner – Afternoon Snack


The plan was originally to make steak fajitas. But I just got some new whole wheat tortillas that I wanted to try. The tortilla is so giant that I decided to do mine burrito style.


In the mix: steak pieces sliced up, green & red bell peppers, onions, refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, and low fat Mexican cheese blend. I added some torn spinach after the shot was taken.

I definitely over-filled mine! Couldn’t wrap it up like a burrito so I ended up just eating it like a taco after all.

And a little later we ran out to do a couple quick errands and I got an unsweetened passion fruit tea from Starbucks. Delish!!!


Today is a work-free day!!

On the To-Do List:

-go to used book store to find some reads for summer!

-get some much needed deep-cleaning done

-get a nice, long swim in….I need it for triathlon training!

-organize my summer To-Do’s for school (What? I’m not really working….it’s just organizing my work so I know what I need to do and when)

-buy & mail out a couple birthday cards!

And I’m off! Hope everyone is having a good Thursday!

Have you tried the PB&Co Dark Chocolate Dream? Ammmmmmazing!

Do you ever go camping? When is the last time?



  1. Wowie, you are done! Wooo! Love all of your eats and I haven’t seen that flavor of cliff bars yet.. is that a new flavor?!

    • I have no idea! I usually get Larabars but the Cliff ones were on sale so I gave it a try

  2. oh my gosh, i LOVE dark chocolate dreams! soooo freaking good! 🙂

  3. Dark chocolate dreams is like, seriously, the best thing ever created. I can’t buy it anymore because I eat the WHOLE thing way too fast! 🙂

    • I know, right!? I have to ration myself!

  4. Trying that passion fruit tea is officially at the top of my list of things to do! As for Dark Chocolate Dreams… LOVE. I have a jar of White Chocolate Wonderful open right now that is equally delicious!

    • I like the white chocolate, too, but there’s something about the dark chocolate that just keeps bringing me back!

  5. Oh my goodness. I’m already drooling by your salad-it is seriously my favorite kind ever.

  6. i love to go camping! it’s a great adventure. your salad sounds so amazing…i usually make similar but never thought to add a little bacon 😉

    • I love turkey bacon! So much less fat and even though it’s not quite like “real” bacon, if you aren’t expecting it to taste just like bacon then it’s a great alternative! Nice little crunch!

  7. Have a great work-free day!!! 🙂

  8. I never go camping, I’m anti-sleeping outside and bugs. I know I do trail running, but it doesn’t involve sleeping on the hard ground and bugs can’t get you if you’re moving 🙂

    • haha, yeah my “camping” is pretty modernized – queen sized air mattress with sheets & blankets instead of a sleeping bag : )

  9. I would die for a burrito right now! seriously! ahhh! Happy WIAW love! I’m thinking of not posting on thursdays anymore so the part can stay front and center on p&c for two straight days? I wonder if my readers would peace out if I did? whatcha think?

    your posts rock though! so don’t stooop! ❤ =)

    • i think it’s a great idea – it’s been crazy popular with readers! (plus – bonus: day off for u!) ; )

  10. I’ve gotta try the chocolate pb …. ASAP! haha

  11. I’m a new reader on your blog, and simply love how you’ve documented a day’s meals! I think I’m gonna try doing that too 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by! Join the WIAW link party over at Jenn’s page! : )

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