Posted by: thefitacademic | May 13, 2011

A week’s difference

A week ago Monday: Freaking out. How am I going to finish everything in such a limited span of time? Lots of anxiety.

This Monday: I can do it – 3 more days. Just push through and finish strong.

A week ago Wednesday:  at school at the butt crack of dawn. Furiously working on statistics and a presentation for later in the day.

This Wednesday: in late, out early, literally skipping down the hall when I submitted my last paper via e-mail at about 3:00pm

A week ago Friday: tutoring students, grading assignments, writing papers. Went to an end-of-semester pot luck for faculty, but I was utterly exhausted

This Friday: Woke up late, leisurely morning run, packing for camping, about to hit the road!!!

What a difference a week makes! Summer vacation feels GLORIOUS! Yes, I’ll be back at the office on Monday….but working on MY stuff, rather than stuff for classes (yes – it makes a huge difference!) Plus, taking “off” Thursday, today, and all weekend long is just what the doctor ordered. I feel phenomenal!

Yesterday was beautiful! I’ve been suffering wicked allergies this year (which is so weird because I’ve never had problems before!), but the wind has died down the last couple days so I’ve had a little bit of relief. I got in a nice long swim, did lots of cleaning, and went to one of my favorite used book stores, Bookmans


It’s a little locally owned book store with lots of “edge” – I love it!


In addition to books, they sell little random trinkets – lots made by local artists – and they are just scattered around the bookshelves next to books.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B – Close up:


I had taken a long list of books that I wanted. Only found 1 in stock. But that’s okay – I can start with one and maybe hit up the public library or something for the others. I got a magazine too. I love how they sell magazines – way cheaper than on news stands and often times you can find them just a month behind!


The rest of the day was spent running random errands, doing some lounging around, walking Rocky, and flipping through my new book.

We’re getting ready to head out now. Got to do some packing of the car, then we’ll probably hit the road within the next hour or so. I’m realizing that every time we go camping I spend kind of a sick amount on food and supplies. I love camping, but it’s made me wonder if it would be comparably priced just to stay at a bed and breakfast for a weekend and maybe do a couples’ massage or something?? I need to look into that.

At any rate, I’m off to finish up and head out! Have a great weekend!

Do you prefer to buy books or use the library? I usually use the library, but I buy some, too

How does this week compare to last week for you? Any big differences?



  1. Congratulations, what a huge relief for you!

    I get books from the library when I can. Occasionally I buy one because I am overcome with an urge to needlessly spend money.

    • haha, right? That’s kinda what this is for me. I try to only buy books that I know I’ll want to hang onto for whatever reason. This book I could have totally just checked-out from the library but for some reason I just wanted to spend money! : )

  2. Wooooooohooo! It is amazing the difference a week (or even a DAY) can make!! =)

    Have fun camping!

  3. That bookstore sounds so cool! I’m actually an avid book buyer, but I only do Amazon and the used bookstore by house! Congrats on being on summer break! Enjoy it!

  4. A week ago, I was stressed doing assignments now I’m stressed studying. So little difference ha.

    • hang in there – how much longer till you’re done?

  5. I prefer to buy books but to be honest, I usually just wait until I get them as gifts!

  6. I used to prefer to buy books…but now I go to the library! so much easier 🙂

  7. I like the library, but if money wasn’t an option, I’d just buy books so I wouldn’t have to worry about due dates and baby damage to books!

    • you make a good point! Why is it that some books are sooooo expensive, too!? I usually stick to paper-back, but it’s not always an option

  8. Aww, so happy you have less stress on your back! Loveeee little book shops like that 🙂

  9. I actually prefer the library but with a kindle app on the ipad, I’ve been buying. Loved this post as it wreaked of summer!

  10. I go through phases where I “forbid” myself to buy books because it got to the point that I’d just order anything interesting from Amazon…at this point, I’m not even going to the library because I have so much “stocked up” at home.

    Last week at this time was sunny and I felt great. Now it’s rainy and I am dealing with a cold or allergies…bring on the sunshine and sniffle-free days!

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