Posted by: thefitacademic | August 26, 2011

I miss you, man! <3

Which is MORE gross:  Showing in disgusting, dirty, public shower stalls in a poorly maintained gym bathroom  OR Not Showering at all?

I’ll get back to that in a minute. First, I wanted to say that I’ve thought a lot about you guys (in my obvious absence). Things have just been insane-crazy around here with work, school, and life in general. Lots of times I’ve wanted to post, but haven’t had photos, or haven’t had time, or something else ends up coming up.

Just know that I am ALIVE and WELL and that…well…sometimes life gets in the way of the blog. You know this, I’m sure!

Anyways, yesterday I went to school uber-early and did the gym thing before going into the office. Remember when I tried to shower at the gym that one time and nearly died it was so disgusting? Yeah….well, I decided it would be better just to NOT shower than to have to deal with that gross-ness. I’ve done this before, too. Apparently I have no problem walking around stinkin’ up the office Winking smile

Meanwhile, I still need to get some dry shampoo! Geez – Why have I not done this already!?

So I rocked the side-braid thing that’s going on this Fall. What do you think?


Well I’ve got to run! For any academics out there, I’m doing my Oral Defense of my Comprehensive Exam today. I completed the written portion at the end of the Spring semester (remember that Hell week?). Yeah, I had to wait to take the Oral portion until the beginning of this semester….which is now. Wish me luck!

Do you ever skip a shower after a workout? (To be fair, I always shower as soon as I get home, but I definitely go the entire work-day un-showered! That’s what deodorant and body spray are for, right? haha)



  1. You are ROCKING that side braid girl!!

  2. side braid works great! I’d rock it. Showerless!

  3. That picture is super cute!!! I would shower in the gross shower as long as I was able to avoid touching anything gross. Otherwise I would rock the stink, seriously. Rather be sweaty than touch nastiness.

  4. Love the side braid…..I’m also totally with you on not always showering after the gym. I, too, have no idea why I have not bought dry shampoo. Maybe I’m afraid I’d rely on it too much. hehe.

  5. I shower after the gym, but I come home to shower. It just wouldn’t be pretty or fair to anyone else if I didn’t!

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