Posted by: thefitacademic | August 2, 2011

Biosphere Visit

Wow, how is it already another Wednesday?

This week has been crazy! I thought work wouldn’t be too crazy until classes started again on August 22nd, but – MAN – was I wrong! At least I’ve been productive, and I do truly enjoy my job. Thank god for that!

Remember this past Sunday I went to the Biosphere? Well I never posted pictures, so let me show you some! The Biosphere was originally an experiment to see how plants would do living in a fully enclosed environment, untouched by the natural world. There are 4 ecosystems and we walked through them all:







and Dessert


The Biosphere is massive. It was really cool to see this giant experiment – still in progress!


Okay, I’ll get off my dork-pedestal now. We all know what we’re here for anyway, right? That’s right – it’s What I Ate Wednesday time over at Jenn’s corner of the blog-world!

I’m still doing my 30-Day Clean-Eating Challenge, so this is Part II of my Clean-Eating Eats! (See Part I here)


I’ve eaten lots of green monsters, lots of Oats in a Jar, and lots of bowls of oatmeal!IMAG1455

here I’ve got oats, almonds, almond butter, and some chocolate chips


I’ve been relying a lot on salads (and mixing them up tons of different ways) and leftovers. Here are some examples


spinach, romaine, goat chevre, almonds, blueberries, and avocadoIMAG1533

brown rice, shrimp, asparagus, grilled onions, grilled peppers (red & green) and sweet and sour sauce

And dinners have consisted of whole foods. Of course…I still do have my seasonings and sauces as necessary


pork roast (from crock pot), half a sweet potato, corn on the cob, and thawed out frozen peas – with some BBQ sauce for dipping on the side.

The first couple of weeks I was really good about snacks and desserts. I’d indulge in peanut-butter stuffed dates, or a sprinkling of chocolate chips on fruit. This week, however, I indulged in some fresh gelato one evening. Mmmmmmm – it’s absolute HEAVEN!!!


I had limoncello – amazing!


What’s your favorite summer-time treat?



  1. Gorgeous photos and great eats!!

  2. ice cream FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. iceeeee cream!

  4. ok…is this where bio-dome was filmed…lol..”free mahi mahi, free mahi mahi”..gotta love polly shore! lol bahahah

    • haha, I don’t think so – I feel like they would’ve mentioned it on the tour. But it definitely made me think of the movie while I was there : )

  5. Is it sad that I see the word Biosphere and I immediately think of Pauly Shore? Where is he these days anyway?

    My favorite summer time treat is a three way tie between sno-cones, ice cream and cold watermelon. I can’t pick just one….

    • mmmm – sno cones!!!! Love ’em! For some reason there are NO snow-cone stands around Tucson (nor were there any in southern Florida). Weird because they were ALL OVER Texas!? I wonder if it’s a regional thing???

  6. ohh man some gelato sounds delish right now! I’ve been stopping by the local fro-yo place a little too much this summer 😉 Haha

    • me too! It’s my favorite indulgence! And i’ve got one within walking distance of my house so its dangerous!!!

  7. I love the Montreal Biosphere. I’d go there every year if I could. So yeah, make room for me on your pedestal.

  8. That sounds like the perfect indulgence after a day of clean eating =) Happy belated WIAW!!!! xoxo

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