Posted by: thefitacademic | July 31, 2011

Pool Party and Flowers

Happy Sunday!

It almost makes me sad to say that because it means the weekend is almost over!

Yesterday wasn’t too eventful. I woke up early and took my little man to his favorite place on Earth. No, not Disney World….the Dog Park! It only took 20 minutes before he was completely exhausted!


I would do anything to see that adorable that smiley face!

I also had to run a couple errands, including going to one of my favorite places on Earth – Trader Joe’s! I had a pool party that I was going to and had volunteered to bring chips and homemade guacamole. I picked up some Super Seeded Tortilla chips (organic + all natural/no preservatives!!!)


And I scored a bouquet of roses for $3.99!!! It was a bouquet of 10, rather than 12, but I still thought it was a great deal! I’m usually not drawn to roses (I prefer to have a variety of flowers), but these were too gorgeous and too cheap to pass up!


Then I saw Caitlin’s post where she talked about buying a bouquet every couple of weeks and splitting it up to put in different rooms of the house….and I totally stole her idea! I split my bouquet into 2 and placed half on the living room coffee table, and half in the window sill in the bathroom. It looks a little sparse compared to Caitlin’s blooms, but I absolutely LOVE having fresh flowers in a couple different rooms in the house.


I spent the next 5 hours out at a pool party with friends, munching on my chips and guacamole, along with the other great eats (hummus, burgers, and some Eegees!)

Today I got up early and I’m about to head up to the Biosphere. I wish it didn’t take so long (it’s supposed to be about a 5 hour ordeal), because I have a TON to get done today, but I’m still excited to go (does that make sense???)

Anyways, I’ve got to run! Make the most of the rest of the weekend!!!

How’s your weekend going? You busy running errands or taking some time to relax (or both)?



  1. I wish that my dog loved the dog park. He used to when he was a puppy, but he’s just too big and dominant now. He doesn’t always play well with others…so no dog park for us! I love buying myself flowers. I like having fresh flowers in my home office, since I spend so much time there.

    • flowers in the office are wonderful! I used to keep a tiny vase & would pick wildflowers to put on my office desk. I need to reclaim that trend!!!

  2. Glad to hear your weekend is coming along nicely 🙂 Mine is swell as well!

    $3.99 for roses is amazing!

  3. Oo good stuff on that sale! yay for better prices 🙂
    I am glad your weekend is going well m’dear!

  4. i got roses for 3.99 too!! 10 roses 🙂

  5. Hah! My husband brought me home some of those roses, as well. ❤ him, and ❤ Trader Joe's!

    Weekend went well… we finally got our bookcase anchored to the wall so we could unpack our books. We're reclaiming our living room bit by bit!

    • Nice – always feels good to get things under control! : )

  6. Beautiful roses! Fresh flowers make me so happy 🙂

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