Posted by: thefitacademic | July 29, 2011

While I’ve been gone….

Wow! I totally did not intend on falling off the face of the Earth this week! We switched internet providers to save money and the old service was cut off Tuesday. The new service was supposed to be turned on on Wednesday but you know how things go and well…it just got turned on. Gotta love that.

So I apologize for the break in posts. I should have at least dropped a line so you knew what was going on but, alas, life has a way of *happening* and I just didn’t make it a priority.

Let’s move past this and forget it ever even happened. Okay? Deal!

I wish I could say that a lot of exciting things have happened this week while I’ve been gone. But then, I wish I had a million dollars too…it doesn’t make it happen.

But there are a couple things that have happened.

Like the husband giving Rocky boy a much needed hair cut (remember his last one!? Thank goodness the hubbs did it this time around!)


I spent a great deal of time at Starbucks in the evenings, drinking caffeinated beverages (my current fave is an unsweetened half passionfruit tea, half lemonade), and “borrowing” internet to get work done. The nearest Starbucks is only about 1 mile from the house, so I’ve walked a couple of times because it’s a nice, safe neighborhood and I enjoy the stroll. I learned that *these* shoes are NOT suitable for walking…even for a mile (and I have giant blisters on BOTH feet to prove it!)IMAG1470

But, despite the blisters, at least I got to enjoy the beautiful Tucson sunsets over the mountains on my walks home.


And, on a rare middle-of-the-week-day-off for the hubbs, he decided to clean our entire backyard. It was much needed because after all the monsoons we’ve been having, random papers and trash have blown all over the place and it was looking quite unkempt. Here it is, shiny and clean!


Hubbs even power-washed the bricks!


And I spent a little bit of time re-potting some plants and re-soiling others. I’ve got quite a little plant paradise now!


We’ve also had a student in town visiting/doing research, so a lot of time has been spent running around town, doing some small sight-seeing, etc. Sunday we’re hitting up the Biosphere. I’ve never been so I’m actually really looking forward to it!

Are there any “touristy” things in your town that you’ve never done? I’ve lived here for 2 years now, so it’s about time I get around to some of this stuff!



  1. I hear Biosphere is pretty awesome! I live in Pittsburgh and I haven’t visited the Andy Warhol museum yet lol.

  2. I have missed you around the blog world! I can’t go that long without internet, I wouldn’t survive haha
    Have fun at the Biosphere, I heard it is awesome

  3. biosphere? that reminds me of BIODOME with polly shore. haha. Take pics!

  4. Not having internet is rough. It’s good you were able to clean out the backyard and repot some plants in the meantime 🙂

  5. It happens! I was gone all week anyway 😉 lol!

    Looks like you got a lot accomplished this week!!

  6. I spent over a week without internet as well. Isn’t it awful to be disconnected? Honestly, internet connection has become a necessity for me. I would never go without it by choice.

  7. I’m super new to the town I’m in now so I pretty much haven’t done anything, but back home, I looooove to do the touristy things!

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