Posted by: thefitacademic | July 25, 2011

Weekend Best and Worst

Are you familiar with my “Best and Worst” series? If not, check back on some great ones here – the best & worst from a crazy/random/exciting week before vacation, a horrific hair cut and a brand new running skirt, and a honeymoon flash back after taking the biggest exam of my life!

But this weekend is unique because my “Best” and my “Worst” were the same thing! How does that happen? I’ll tell you how…

This weekend a group of friends (7 of us total) had decided to go on a good hike called the Seven Falls hike, here in Tucson’s Sabino Canyon. Though I’ve done this hike before, it was during the winter (February, I believe), and the website specifically states that Seven Falls is a great summer-time hike because it’s nice to be able to cool off in the falls along the path and at the end. See, it’s an 8 mile round trip (4 miles in, then turn around) that includes SEVEN water crossings (yes, you literally trek through the water) and ends with the most magnificent waterfalls (seven, to be exact) that all pool into a small canyon where people swim, sunbathe, eat lunch, and hang out before heading back. The website says it takes 3 hours but it really takes closer to 4 or 5 when you take into consideration “rest time” at the falls. Lots of people do it as a half-day thing.

7 falls

one of the water-crossings

So I was excited for this hike, and the company along the way was this weekend’s “Best” moment. But, if I’d ever had any question about the fact that I live in the dessert, everything was confirmed along this hike as not just one, two, or three of the river crossings were dry. Nope. was GONE! Bone Dry! I held out hope for a nice watering hole at the end of the hike. But when we finally arrived, we discovered a tiny snake-pit “pond” that was a disgusting algae-green color that scared as all awayl


I was super bummed. It was definitely the “Worst” of my weekend!

So I did some yoga to feel better.


And we turned around and headed back. It was brutal. 100+ degrees with 80% humidity (because it’s been monsooning its actually been pretty humid). Where the water goes??? I have no idea!

Upon returning home we were all so hot and sweaty that we hit up a friends’ apartment complex pool. You know, so we could still get our “swim” in! Smile

being friendly

But the weather had different plans in store. Luckily we had gotten a good hour of swim-time in before the skies turned dark and another monsoon rolled through.


Mother nature sure has a sick-twisted sense of humor. Dumping water on us from the sky, but somehow it dries instantly, without pooling on the ground in the canyon for hikers to indulge in. I don’t know what the deal is.

At any rate – that’s how you can have a “Best” AND “Worst” in one.

What’s the BEST or WORST thing you did this weekend?



  1. How cool that your eat and worst were the same thing LOL! I love whenypu do these posts 🙂

  2. Oh man. The weather totally crapped all over all of your plans huh?!?! haha!!

  3. that sounds like an amazing hike – what a bummer that everything was dry! 😦

    best of my weekend: bridal shower + bachelorette party
    worst of my weekend: the hangover following my bachelorette

  4. The last picture is absolutely beautiful!

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