Posted by: thefitacademic | July 20, 2011

30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

You may remember that I had decided to do a 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge. 100%whole foods and just a general emphasis to eat healthier, in general. And to be fair, I have indulged in condiments that aren’t entirely “whole,” but I’ve stayed away from anything with high fructose corn syrup! I’ve also tried to somewhat follow the food pyramid diet you can read about here. Basically, it’s a diet consisting of mostly vegetables, followed by fruit, then meat (or protein alternatives, but I eat meat), and only a limited amount of whole grains. This is very different than the typical American diet, which consists largely of grains. This low(ish) carb diet is somewhat inspired by Atkins or Southbeach, but no where near as extreme!!!

So here you go, WIAW:  Clean Eating Edition!



Berries, bananas, oats, yogurt, protein powder, and chia seeds x 2





spinach salad with berries, apples, almond slivers, and feta cheese


more salads (plus LOTS that are unpictured). I’ve also had lots of veggie-based snacks:  mostly carrots and celery with almond butter or hummus. Sorry, no pics.



Mini-meatloaves (with tons of veggies mixed in)


Lots of meat and veg….and more salads Smile


and pizza! on TJ’s whole wheat dough. A special carb-heavy “treat” dinner Smile

Other Favorites:


Ripe fruits and veggies!


dark chocolate almonds

oh, right….and lots & LOTS of water!


with fresh lemon and strawberry slices thrown in


sparkling water when I’m in the mood for something fizzy, and watermelon chunks in ice. Have you ever tried mixing fruit into water for a little flavor burst? Delicious!

So far it really hasn’t been bad. I miss my grains (love pasta and bread!!!), but it’s really not a big deal. And prior to the challenge I already ate mostly whole foods, so making the leap to all whole foods wasn’t a big problem. I did have to add another grocery store trip mid-week because I’m FLYING through the produce! But that’s a good thing!

And the thing I’ve missed most? I would have thought it was my sweet indulgences (yes, I’m like a 10 year old and love gummy worms/sour patch kids/etc.) But, no – the #1 thing I’ve missed was the one, the only:



Diet Dr. Pepper!!! How I’ve missed you!!!! I know how horrible soda is and all that. But I just loooooove my DDP! And I would only have 1-2 a week prior to the challenge so its not like I had them all the time, but I sure do miss those couple drinks per week!!!

Meanwhile, it just keeps raining like crazy over here! On one hand, I love how it has had the effect of cooling things down a little (like 95* instead of 115*), BUT, we live in a house with a swamp cooler. If you’re unfamiliar – the things do not work when there is humidity or moisture in the air, so we’ve just been chillin in our un-AC’ed house that measures in at around 95*. Very nice.

At least someone is enjoying all the thunder storms!


Are your pets scared by storms or are they not bothered? Rocky is intrigued!!



  1. McKinley could care less about thunderstorms. He’s a little…slow though, so that might be why…

    Your salads look delicious & I’m jealous of your wheat pizza dough – I can’t seem to find any here, and I’m too lazy to make my own so far since I’ve been here.

  2. great job sticking to your clean eats!
    All of the food looks fantastic (:
    I’ve never had a pet that was affected by storms or any kind of weather. I used to petsit for a GIANT mastiff though, and he was terrified! It was so sad…he would try to hide anytime there was a storm but there was no place big enough for him to go! He was also scared of shadows and creaks…

  3. You are amazing for sticking with this challenge! I will be quite honest and say I never could do that haha.. .I like pasta and that sort of thing way too much
    I really need to drink more water. I simply don’t have enough throughout the day… must work on this NOW!

  4. My dogs get so afraid when it storms! They are also afraid of the kitchen timer and the smoke alarm lol!

  5. what’s on your pizza!? it looks gooooood! ❤ congrats on your challenge going so well so far!

    • the pizza has a pesto base, goat cheese with garlic & herbs (got it from TJ’s) and chopped onions and green peppers. It was amazing – wish I’d made more for leftovers!

  6. Your food looks really good…I love the idea of the watermelon ice cubes.
    My kitty is not bothered by storms. I remember when I was a kid, I had two cats. We had a bad thunderstorm late one night and after a loud crack of thunder I heard the sound of 8 paws hitting my floor, then silence, followed by the sensation of two very scared kitties landing by my feet on my bed. I was a little scared too, so it worked out perfectly

  7. Honestly I think there are days when caffeinne from soda is all I need. One or two sodas here and there won’t hurt 🙂

  8. haha, I won’t tell anyone about the Diet DP. Cause all the rest of your eats look SUPER DUPER clean.

  9. I’m on day 7 of family clean eating and have lost 3 pounds without being hungry :O I have much more energy and the kids are better behaved. I switched to whole grain pasta (it’s actually a great 50/50 blend from Barilla) but cut back on portion size. I’m loving clean eating. I don’t want to go back to my old way of eating.

    • I’ll have to look for that 50/50 blend – thanks for the tip! The hubbs likes “regular” and I like whole wheat so that sounds like a perfect compromise!

  10. Thank heavens “Clean Eating” still allows for chocolate! I couldn’t even comprehend it otherwise 😉 Good luck!

  11. […] I’m still doing my 30-Day Clean-Eating Challenge, so this is Part II of my Clean-Eating Eats! (See Part I here) […]

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