Posted by: thefitacademic | July 14, 2011

I made up a recipe….

…but I’m not going to share.

The idea is that a carrot cake and peanut butter banana bread fell in love and had this baby.


There’s carrots, and raisins, a mashed banana and dark chocolate peanut butter…IMAG1396

…ground flax seed & whole wheat flour, chocolate protein powder and chia seeds.IMAG1397

There’s a whole bunch of other stuff, too, like agave nectar and vanilla, and shredded coconut for moistness.


But I’m not going to give you the recipe because they came out more like biscuits than the fluffy muffins I was envisioning. I know what to tweak and next time, it’s gonna be rock solid!

What’s the last kitchen mishap that you had?



  1. Aww and they sounded so promising! haha
    The last kitchen mishap I had was burning the bottom of half a batch of cookies I was baking… probably should have set the timer!

  2. That sounds so good though. My recipes are limited to the pancake making that I do. Perhaps one day I’ll venture to lunch…maybe.

  3. Carrot cake and peanut butter banana bread had muffins hahah that just made my day! I cannot wait until you perfectly tweak this recipe!!

  4. Sorry to hear your recipe didn’t work out! Even if all ingredients sound great for themselves and seem to go well with each other taste-wise, that doesn’t mean they make a good recipe. 😦 I made a bell pepper and celery smoothie a while ago, and it turned out so horrible that I wasn’t able to drink it.

  5. Hmm..there was the time I almost used salad dressing instead of maple syrup on pancakes…but I caught myself in time!

    • haha, hilarious! Sounds like something I would do, for sure!

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