Posted by: thefitacademic | July 12, 2011

No Call, No Show

Sorry I’ve been MIA a couple of days! I gave you some recaps from my long 4th of July weekend trip (see Part I, II, and III) but then I kind of fell of the face of the Earth for a couple days!

Well, truth be told, I’ve been up to a whole lotta nothing! Here are some of my week’s highlights:

It has been the week of mystery bruises (where did that come from!?)


It has been the week of eating-at-my-desk (both breakfasts & lunches)



It has been the week of wearing workout clothes to the office…and at home…and to the store…pretty much all the time.


It has been the week of Rocky-boy cuddles and loves


And it has been the week of mocktails! (sparkling water, lemonade, chopped strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, lemon wedge & sugarturbinado-rim)


And have you noticed that I’ve been talking about “this is the week of…” when it’s only Tuesday!?

Uh, yeah…I think its safe to say my schedule is STILL all messed up from being out of town last weekend. Plus I worked all day Saturday (and part of Sunday), so it didn’t really feel like we just had a weekend.

And then, I thought, why not throw myself outta-whack even further by attending a concert on a Monday night!? No big deal, right?


And so I went to see Reel Big Fish at a Monday night show at the Rialto, here in downtown Tucson. The Rialto is a great venue – lots of history and amazing acoustics.IMAG1386

It was a great show, lots of energy and the crowd was great. I did, however, get thrown into the mosh pit at one point (totally against my will!!!) and I had to get out QUICK!!! I was wearing flip flops and think I got my toes stomped on about 10 times before I was able to save myself! Smile

It was also a late night. A little later than I like on a Monday work-night, but it’s not like I’m a stranger to random Monday night happenings. It was also a great opportunity to bond with a friend – we had a great time! Can’t go wrong! And I kept my alcohol consumption reasonable so I didn’t wake up this morning hurting…except for the lack of sleep! Nothing a little coffee won’t fix!

I also started my 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge yesterday. So far, so good but I’ll have to save the deets for another blog post.

Does your schedule get all thrown off when you go out of town? If so, how long does it take you to recover?

Do you ever go see live music shows?



  1. yep! i’m way thrown off!! oh well. maybe a mocktail will help.

  2. Woah! Crazy bruise! I hope it gets better soon 🙂

    Rocky is adorable and I loove to see pictures of him!! I get so thrown off in the summer and any time when I totally disrupt my schedule haha.

  3. My husband and I are going to see Carbon Leaf in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait!

  4. I hate when my schedule gets thrown off! It’s always hard to get back into it.

    I don’t see live music very often, but I saw Reel Big Fish a few years ago and loved them 🙂 I am seeing Bob Dylan on Friday and am SO FREAKING EXCITED!!

  5. You won’t believe this, I had some mystery bruises two days back too.

  6. It usually takes me 5-7 days to get over being out of town. Sometimes I’m a little too married to my routines so once one thing gets thrown out of whack, everything else follows!

  7. i hate unknown bruises. i always need a vacation AFTER my vacation!

  8. The hubby and I and our friends go to a LOT of live music shows. I love it so much!

    I get mysterious bruises too – hehe, I think I beat myself up in my sleep.

  9. Society of Personality and Social Psychology? 😀 That’s exactly the area of research where I feel most compfortable. 🙂

    I have mystery bruises like that all the time. My legs always look as if I had no eyes (and run against everything), and I have no idea where that comes from. 😕

    • wow, so impressed – you have super-power eyes! Are you going to the SPSP conference this year? Its in San Diego and I’m in Tucson so it’s pretty close!

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