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Weekend Recap–Part III, Daily Happenings

If you’re new or just catching up, I’ve been doing a series of posts to recap my long weekend away this past weekend.

Part I: A Red, White, and Blue recap with the foods we ate for 4th of July

Part II: Sights from the road

Part III: Things we did

This is one of the reasons I love blogging – this is the perfect way for me to document (for myself) what I did on my trip!

Friday: We arrived late in the evening at my friend’s house and didn’t do much – just sat up talking for awhile before we all decided to hit the hay early.

Saturday: We woke up early to beat the weekend-rush at a famous little place, Ruth’s Diner. They’ve been around for 80 years and were featured on Diner’s, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the Food Network!


They’re known for their “mile high biscuits,” and they bring out a plate with biscuits along with waters as soon as you arrive. Carb heaven!


After breakfast Chris and I said goodbye to our friends and drove across town to my Dad’s place.


LOVING the snow!

Once there, we decided to head up even further into the mountains to enjoy the scenic views and gentle mountain drives. We went to Alta and decided to take the tram up to the top of the mountain. The peak was still open to skiiers and snow-boarders! Drastically different weather than Tucson!!!

On the tram:


at the top….after walking across the snow in just my flip-flops!!! We hadn’t planned ahead!



Next we went to Sundance, which is Robert Redford’s property. They have some beautifully landscaped grounds, western-themed stores and dining areas, and a wedding was even being set up!


Next, we headed to the BYU stadium for their annual event, Stadium of Fire, which includes performances by dancers, singers, a mini American Idol-style event where we voted for the winner, and culminated with the largest stadium firework show in the US! It was truly incredible! The headliner was Brad Paisley, and though I haven’t listened to country music in awhile, I’ve always been a big fan of Mr. Paisley’s. The performances were all amazing – I was so impressed that EVERYONE actually sang (it’s surprisingly common for people to pre-record music and lip sync). The show blew me away – I loved it! Plus – we even had front row seats! Score!




Sunday: My Dad and I got up early and decided to go on a hiking trail just up the mountain by his house. 5 minutes there and 20 minutes to the top. Not bad! We even got to jog for a flat stretch. It felt soooooo good to be moving about after being stuck in the car for so long!





And when Chris woke up we all decided to hit up Treehouse Athletic Club, which is one of the nicest gyms I’ve ever been to! My Dad has been a member for years so I’ve been before and I knew I wanted to hit them up to get in a good weight sesh and enjoy the incredible pools!

It’s the kind of gym where they have full towel service (sweat towels, shower towels, & beach towels), and they have complimentary hair dryers and self-hygiene products (spray deodorant, lotions, soaps, shampoos, etc.) They also have separate hot tubs and steam rooms in the locker rooms for both men and women. The pictures don’t do it justice (and I whish I’d gotten some of the weight room & pools!), but it’s beautiful – trust me!


After showers, we headed up to Park City to walk around, hitting up some more mountain views on the way.


We ate dinner up in Park City and saw another fireworks show up in the mountains. We were getting spoiled with fireworks! On the way home, we could see about 6 different firework shows out across the valley. Beautiful!

Monday: We spent just about the entire day Monday at my Grandma’s house for 4th of July, celebrating with family (see Weekend Recap, Part I for pictures). My Dad suggested going to a baseball game with – you guessed it – more fireworks, but Chris and I wanted to go to bed early because we were planning on leaving so early.

Tuesday: We were on the highway by 5:45am!!! See Part II for pictures from the road. We made it back in great time – by 5:15 pm…about 2 minutes before a terrible monsoon blew in! Thank goodness we weren’t driving in the horrible weather!

And since then we’ve been playing lots of catch up with work and life, in general. This week has just been crazy! I know it’s Friday but it doesn’t feel like one to me! I’ll probably be working this weekend to make up for it!

What’s one fun thing you’re doing this weekend?



  1. You look so beautiful and HAPPY in all your pics girlie!

  2. mile high biscuits! That picture is making my mouth water!

  3. Oh my gosh! You guys got to do so many wonderful things! I have always wanted to visit a place that was on Diners, Drive In’s, and Dives-you are lucky!! The biscuits look great 🙂

    • they were heavenly! fluffy as clouds, too! : )

  4. Wow—SO many great pics. And those biscuits…. ah, yum 🙂

    This weekend I’m keeping it low key—the highlight may be a bday party on sunday for a 4 year old. Wow—I sound old and boring!

  5. Wow Those are some big biscuits!!

    Love the scenery pics. .sounds like you had a great time.

  6. such an incredible (and epic) weekend! ❤

  7. ok those biscuits really caught my eye! did they taste like cornbread?

  8. Those views are incredible!

  9. I have to admit, I read this post thinking…sounds like a lovely trip…but in the back of my head all I could *really* think was “BISCUITS!” Those look amazing….

  10. Those views are incredible, loved reading your recap posts.

  11. Great scenic pics. Looks like fun.

  12. You’re such a great blogger with this detailed recap. Unlike me who is all, “I went on vacation, look, a beach!”

  13. […] a couple of days! I gave you some recaps from my long 4th of July weekend trip (see Part I, II, and III) but then I kind of fell of the face of the Earth for a couple […]

  14. Wow, what a phantastic view up there on the mountain top! 😀

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