Posted by: thefitacademic | July 2, 2011

Week Best & Worsts


Monday night dinner party + random limo escalade to ride around town.

um, hello? BBQ, homemade dump cake, vanilla ice cream + free booze/limo on the same night? It’s almost too much awesomeness packed into the same day!



I think it has to be a tie between the 12-hour drive to get to Utah and all the pre-trip prep work (laundry, packing, etc.) that was required.


I always love vacations, but hate the stuff that goes along with it….I’m always a last-minute packer, and then things tend to stay in the suitcase for days even after my return!

What are your plans for 4th of July?

What were your Best and Worst moments from the week?



  1. Best = my son pitching for his first time!
    Worst = cleaning the house today – blech.
    We have cookouts every day this weekend – starting yesterday. It’s going to be busy, but fun!

    • awww – so exciting about your son! My big brother was a baseball player all when I was younger so I have fond memories of watching him play and cheering him on as a kiddo!

  2. ooh the best outweighs any packing woes girl! sounds like you’re having a blast! ❤ MWAH!!!

    ps: limo!?!?! you rockstar

  3. I want that dump cake!!! Worst of my week = working inside when it was so nice outside. Best = watermelon and summer bbq’s!

    • Gotta love summer BBQs (just a bummer to be stuck in doors though!)

  4. […] and Worst” series? If not, check back on some great ones here – the best & worst from a crazy/random/exciting week before vacation, a horrific hair cut and a brand new running skirt, and a honeymoon flash back after taking the […]

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