Posted by: thefitacademic | June 30, 2011

Copy Cat

You’ve probably, at some point, seen something on a blog and thought “That looks delicious – I can make that!” or “That gadget is so cool – I want one!” Who hasn’t?

Well this post is all about the recent things I’ve seen in blog land that I’ve copy-catted! (is that a word? I’m going to use it as one!)

1. Running Shirt – seen from Meghann & Gina


This little diddy is from Target for $19.99 and really couldn’t be any cuter! I typically prefer tighter-fitting tops, but it has been so blasted hot that it’s nice to have something a little looser. The babydoll style is very flattering and it comes in all types of cute colors! Plus, its super comfy on runs, does not bunch or ride up, and really holds the girls in place – even without a sports bra!

I (rather unsuccessfully) tried to get a picture of the back….IMAG1049

Please ignore the chalky-white deodorant marks in my under-arm. Yikes! That is just unsavory!

2. Mmmm Sauce – seen from Sarah & Caitlin

Mmmm sauce is a vegan “sauce” made from oil, almonds, chickpeas, and seasonings (in a nutshell- see the recipe on Mamma Pea/Sarah-‘s page linked above). After seeing Caitlin raving about it a number of times in the past few months I decided to make it myself. Bonus – I had all the ingredients on hand!

This is Momma Pea’s picture:


This is MY picture:


uh….what the what?!?

Granted, I did end up throwing it back in the processor for awhile longer (there were still some chickpea chunks), but it never looked quite as pretty as Momma Pea’s. My verdict? I thought it tasted….fine. Very similar to hummus & I love hummus, but I didn’t think it tasted as dreamy as I had hoped/expected. Maybe it was too hyped up? Or maybe I messed up. Totally possible.

I ate it one day slathered in a pita with other lunchy-time fillings. Then I repurposed the leftovers the following day, threw it back in the food processor – this time with a quarter of an avocado – and served it up atop a taco salad (it’s the greenish-looking blob on the left of the beans)!IMAG1029

A very healthy, protein-packed sauce that is much healthier than the typical mayo-based crap you get from restaurants. Even so….it wasn’t my fave. I must have messed it up somehow.

3. Overnight Oats/Oats in a Jar – seen from Chelsey, Kath & Tina

I cannot believe that I have never tried oats in a jar (OIAJ) until just this week! What is wrong with me!? This is clearly the most perfect summer-time breakfast there could ever be!!! And nothing could be easier! I’ve had it twice this week already!

First – in an almost-empty jar of Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Peanut Butter – oats, chia seeds, strawberries, peanut butter, greek yogurt, almond milk…mixed all up (except berries) the night before, left in the fridge, and eaten in the morning with a spoon.


Second – an almost-empty jar of almond butter. I went a little crazy this time and ended up filling it to the top with yummy goodness! I ended up having it both as breakfast and my mid-morning snack because I couldn’t finish it all in one meal!IMAG1025IMAG1026

Still loving the giant blueberries in season right now!!!! So plump + juicy!

I’m off to tackle a giant To-Do list, getting ready for our trip this weekend! I’m so excited to get out of the million-degree heat and somewhere a little bit cooler!!

Have you been a copy-cat of anything you’ve seen in blog land?

Have you tried any of the above things I’ve copy-catted? What are your thoughts?



  1. Aww you copy-catted some awesome stuff! I still need to try Mmm sauce AND OOIAJ!

    I have copied a few recipes from the blog world and LOVED em! Especially kale chips 😀

  2. I can’t believe you had never tried OIAJ! Aren’t they amazing?! I love how the nut butter gets sort of hard and fudgelike… yum!

  3. I copy a TON of stuff from blogs. it’s one of the main reasons I blog!!!

  4. I tried overnight oats for the first time last week and I’m DYING to try that “mmm sauce!”

  5. I have copied lots and lots of stuff too! Chia seeds, chia pudding, banana ‘ice cream’, OIAJ 😀 I have GOT to try that “Mmmm” sauce. Everyone is talking about it!

  6. I like oats in a jar & overnight oats 🙂 I do like that top but I haven’t bought on because I keep thinking it going to make me look preggers or something, hahah.

  7. Definitely jumped on the overnight oats train, though it definitely was never in a jar since I don’t really eat nut butter (SACRILEGE, I KNOW!) Other things I copied (that I never would’ve known w/o blogs): green monsters, protein powder in things like pancakes or protein bites), how AWESOME BodyPump is!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.

    I also have the top, because I saw it on a blog, but haven’t tried the sauce or overnight oats yet… Maybe one of these days.

    BTW: The picture in your blog header is gorgeous!!!

  9. I’ve tried the OIAJ! I looove them and they are super filling 🙂
    Other things I’ve snatched from the blog world are socca and kale chips…mmm!

  10. I copy lots of great stuff from blog land 🙂 It’s a great perk of reading blogs in my life!

    I definitely buy workout clothes at target—they’re cute and comfy, and relatively cheap (so it’s no big deal when they get stinky and I throw them out!).

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