Posted by: thefitacademic | June 29, 2011

Eats + Treats

Can you believe – last week I participated in WIAW, but I totally forgot to link up with Jenn’s little massive link party! What is wrong with me!? That’s okay – I’m doing it right this week. Let’s jump right in, shall we?


Again, I took advantage of working from home to do a little bit more elaborate breakfast than normal. I made blueberry protein pancakes with fresh blueberries. I topped it with a healthy dollop of vanilla flavored greek yogurt and a tablespoon of blueberry Bonne Mama preserves. I had a small potato done hash-brown style, with a piece of bacon. Delicioso!



Since breakfast was so big I was full for hours and I decided to do a simple salad for lunch. I layered it cobb-salad-style. Rows of raw broccoli, leftover beer-butt chicken, carrot slices, leftover corn on the cob, and cheese. Filling, but not too heavy.



We hit up Create Café. You’ll notice it was on my “To-Enjoy” List! Open-mouthed smile We’ve been before for lunch, but this was our first time for dinner. I got the exact same thing I had last time because I enjoyed it so much – a chicken gyro with sweet potato fries. The hubbs got a bacon mushroom burger with regular fries. The thing I love most about this place are the fresh ingredients they use and their crazy, eclectic style. I love the whole matchy-but-not-matchy thing. They’ve totally got that kind of style going on. Check it out…





$1 drinks – even imports!





It was delicious, as always. Though….looking back on my eats I see that I have kind of a sick amount of carbs. I need to work on that and bring some greens back into my life!!!

Check out my To-Enjoy List on the fridge:


More and more is being checked off every day! Let’s see – I’m spending 4th of July with family, so that’s about to get a check-mark. Not sure if the whole Cabin Rental thing is going to work out….all of the parks here are closed due to fire warning (with all the fires raging wild and horrible draught we’re having). I still want to hit up the Salt River for some tubing fun, and an outdoor summer concert/movie series, but I’ve already been able to check off most of the things I’d hoped to enjoy this summer!

Evening Snack:

When we got home I wanted something a little sweet. I had an Apple Pie Larabar that was just delicious. It always amazes me how Larabars are able to really make the bar taste like whatever the flavor is by using all natural fruit + nuts and so few ingredients!



All it has are dates, almonds, unsweetened apples, walnuts, raisins, and cinnamon! And it really tastes like apple pie!!!

I think these babies are going to come in handy when I’m doing my All REAL FOOD challenge, starting in a couple weeks. I have such a horrible sweet tooth so its nice to know I can get eat something like this to satisfy my taste-buds without messing up my challenge!

Do you participate in WIAW? Are you ever surprised by your eats when you go back and look at them all?

What are some fun summer activities you have wanted to do (or have already done)?



  1. What a lovely day of eat! Especially the Larabar 😉 😉 YUM!

    A summer activity I want to do it go mini golfing and horseback riding!

    • awww, sounds so fun! Though those are more like “fall/spring” activities in Tucson because its too hot to be outside long enough to play a game of mini-golf/horseback ride!!!

  2. can’t go wrong with that salad! well done with cobb! And can’t wait to hear about your real food challenge.

  3. Wednesdays are my favorite day! I love WIAW so much. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Yay WIAW party!!!! I always look back and my eats and think what did I forget to snap a pic of?!?! And usually there are many things I neglect to snap. Oh well….

  5. Love Larabars and Pure Bars. It is amazing how something with just fruits and nuts can taste so good!!

  6. ahhhh shame on me for missing that post! I get so overwhelmed on wednesdays now! eep! I’m glad you linked it up this week along with this yummy post so everyone can see your hard work and eats!

    keep rocking that to enjoy list! xoxo

  7. I used to document everything I ate on my blog when I first started and it really surprised me when I looked back! I thought posting everything would keep me accountable, but I actually eat healthier now than I did then.

  8. Sorry, but I think I’m going to order his dinner!

    Blueberry pancakes sound delicious! Just got a box of berries for myself today!! YUM!!

  9. Ashely, I love the concept of having a to-enjoy list!

    Haven’t done a WIAW in a while, I forget to track my meals 🙂

  10. I don’t like to participate all that much in WIAW because I post a lot of my noms on zee interwebs anyways. I feel like i start to compare what I ate to everyone else so it is just bad news bears for me.

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