Posted by: thefitacademic | June 25, 2011

Ashley’s Bookshelf

I’ve had a pretty good day. Got in a workout, a trip to the bank, trip to 2 grocery stores (Trader Joe’s & Sunflower Farmer’s Market), and read a good 50 pages of this giant book I just got from the school’s library.


I do a lot of reading! I used to be all about the fiction/drama when I was a kid (ummm….Sweet Valley High, anyone?), but my interests have definitely evolved over time! Now I read a lot of historical/anthropological-type books where I get to learn something – nerd alert!


The World Is Flat:  A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Friedman. It’s all about the globalization of our world and how technology has impacted the world market and economy. Pretty interesting. I got it through interlibrary loan and its due on July 11th. Being that its 700 pages I’m not sure if I’ll be done by then but we’ll see…

Other books that I’ve been reading lately include:


Keeley’s War Before Civilization:  The Myth of the Peaceful Savage. It points out that most historians have pacified human history, when archeological evidence actually suggests a much more brutal history than most people would like to concede.



Wrangham’s Catching Fire:  How Cooking Made Us Human. This book clarifies human ancient history, discussing the “turning point” in human ancestry as being related to the use of fire for cooking because of how it transformed our food source to be more nutrition and less hazardous for our health. Wrangham argues that this allowed humans to gain intelligence and eventually led to modern man.

I have a goal to read 5 books in the next 7 weeks. I read a lot, but during this time I’ll also be going out of town for 4th of July Weekend as well as continuing to work and teach summer classes….so we’ll see. *fingers crossed*  Summer is just such a good time for reading I try to pack in as much as possible!

Do you like to read? What’s your favorite genre?



  1. I love reading- and now that it’s the summer and my heavy reading load for school is nonexistent, I actually have time to do so!

    I’m currently reading “What is the What” by Dave Eggers

  2. These look like such interesting books! I am sort of all over the place. Anything well-written I guess haha! I am going through an eating-disorder-related-book phase though.

  3. okay that last one looks cool! how cooking made us human?! gotta tell me how that is.

  4. Haha I used to read Sweet Valley High…and Babysitter’s club! Now I read a ton of fantasy/sci-fi books! The anthro ones sound super interesting!

  5. I heard all about how cooking made us human, it apparently “changed my friend’s life”!

    I could say the same about Sweet Valley High, for me, though!

  6. I LOVE to read – and I’m definitely a fiction girl for the most part but I of course love food/fitness reads as well (“Born to Run” was one of my favorites in this area and I love all of Michael Pollan’s books as well).

    I loved Sweet Valley High and The Babysitters Club when I was younger…such classics 😉

    • You’re right; Born to Run was amazing, not just for the fitness aspect, but because it’s so well written with a good story to it as well. I’d recommend it to anyone!

  7. I love reading nonfiction! 😀

  8. I used to read all the time. I never got into Sweet Valley High; I was more of a Saddle Club girl! I think I did the most reading, volume-wise, in grade 8, but unfortunately it’s declined steadily since then. I’m getting back into reading now that I’m not working. My favourite fiction genre is usually well-written historical fiction: Outlander, Camelod etc. I also usually keep a non-fiction book on the go to pick up and put down randomly. Cookbooks are also awesome. I don’t think I’ll ever get into the whole e-reader kindle thing; I just love turning pages too much!

  9. Sweet Valley High??? Try, Box Car Children – hello! 🙂

    Love my iPad! Currently starting to read The Hunger Games!

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