Posted by: thefitacademic | June 22, 2011

Nuts for Berries

Is anyone else out there “nuts” over berry season? I’m absolutely loving getting so many fresh berries for so cheap! I’ve gone a little overboard this week! Our fridge currently holds blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, dates, and we’ve got bananas on the counter. Yikes – I better eat up before these things go bad! 

So this morning for breakfast I had a “berry” big bowl.


In the mix:  peach flavored Chobani greek yogurt, heaping handfull of chia seeds, raw oats, and a berry medley with strawberries and giant blueberries (in fact, I paid extra for the “giant” blueberries…there were smaller ones for cheaper but – hey – Go Big or Go Home!)

I’ve also recently determined that I am an addict…..a COFFEE addict!


Like my “vintage” Hot Cocoa mug? Open-mouthed smile

Really, though, I never used to be a big coffee drinker. It was always a “special” occasion thing….saved for those “special” occasions typically at the end of every semester where I am severely sleep deprived and working from the wee hours of the morning well into the darkness of night.

Somehow though, over summer time I’ve managed to get hooked! My occasional cup transformed into once a week, then up to every-other day, and now I’m a full on coffee-every-morning addict! I definitely need to do something about this to wean myself off before I’m in over my head!! A few times a week is okay, but I don’t want to be addicted to caffeine just in order to function throughout the day!

Lunch was leftovers from last nights’ dinner. I had made a stuffed pepper (only 1 because Chris hates them…he had leftovers!)


I stuffed this pepper with a mix of (pre-cooked) spicy rice and Spicy Italian chicken-sausage. On the bottom of the pan I poured some basil marinara sauce and I filled up the pepper until it was overflowing, allowing it to spill-over into the pan. Topped it all with a little bit of cheese and baked up until heated through. It ended up being way too much last night, so I saved half for today. Both last night & for lunch today, I paired it with a simple green salad (unpictured).


And for dinner I forced Chris to man the BBQ grill. I prepared baked potatoes (I cooked them in the microwave first for a little bit since they take so long on the grill), corn on the cob, and Swordfish steaks.


My corn is smothered with diced jalapeno pepper & onion. As is the potato. The potato also features crumbled bacon, some sour cream and cheese, and a heaping tablespoon of salsa. Ever tried salsa on a baked potato? It’s delicious!!

I also made a cilantro sour cream sauce that I used for the swordfish. The fish was good, but lacking a little flavor.


And I actually went for a run today, but I may still sneak in another Shred Session this afternoon.


Considering that I never really set out to do the whole 30 Day Shred program, I sure have been doing it a lot! I haven’t been following the ordering at all though. The first 3 days I did levels 1, 2, and then 3, respectively. I think my favorite is level 2…that must be where I’m “at” right now. It’s just so nice to be able to crank out a good, sweat-inducing workout in 20 minutes from the comfort of home…especially since its 112 degrees outside today!!! Yikes! My run was killer! You really have to go before 7am in order to not struggle with heat exhaustion!!!

And although I think I’m liking the “Shred” program more than I did when I first tried it (my first time I was really not impressed), I still think that it can’t be relied upon as someone’s sole workout system. It’s just too short! When I do it in the morning I feel like I need more cardio by the afternoon! Plus, it tends to repeat the same weight-movements, so I question whether its really an all-body toning workout. Plus…isn’t it bad to work the same muscle group every day? Aren’t you supposed to have a rest day between strength sessions?

Just throwing it out there…

Now I’m back to work! I’ve been on a productive writing-streak and I need to keep it up! I’m behind on a couple deadlines and really need to get my rear in gear!!!

What’s the weather like where you live? Is it as brutal there as it is here?

Would you pay more for larger berries, or do you just get whatever is cheapest?



  1. I love berry season…I live in farm country (well, near it) so there are so many road side stands and places to pick (I prefer to just buy them already picked!).

    The weather is so up and down in NY…it was 80 and humid today, but 60’s and rain two days ago!

    Oh…I’m so with you on the coffee thing. I love it—and I had a weekend only rule that I have now broken three days in a row… I don’t want to depend on it, but I really like it too!

  2. Berry season is the love of my life… as a matter of fact, I am eating a pint of blueberries as I type this 🙂
    The weather here is quite different then there! It is pouring rain currently, and supposed to continue this way until Saturday. Boo.
    I have to try the salsa on potato idea, as I love both of these foods!

  3. I like that dinner .. Baked potatoes are so good! I am loving berry season as well… I just had blueberry pancakes last night 😀

    • oooooohhh girl, I might be stealing that idea for dinner tonight!!! I LOOOVE doing the whole breakfast-for-dinner thing!!!

  4. I’ve done the 30 day shred (but wouldn’t say that I’m exactly….shredded – lol!) Graet work out. Some of the exercises made my body hurt for days – muscles I never even knew were there!

    As for WIAW – I need to get on that bandwagon! Love your WIAW post!

  5. I am getting bad memories looking at the picture of the Shred! Haha, in retrospect it wasn’t so bad, but it really is an ass-kicker!

  6. I’m all about the berries lately, no matter what the size!

    Berries aside, I always like to know how folks did with shred. When my beau moves out, I’m thinking about starting to do it in the mornings before work just as something quick to start my day (he’s not really a “morning person” and shredding before he wakes up might get a little annnoying…)

  7. […] lately I’ve been doing a lot of Jillian’s 30 Day Shred. I’ve talked about what I think of it here and here (don’t hate it, but not super impressed). I’ve also been riding my bike for […]

  8. I love salsa on EVERYTHING…potatoes are certainly no exception. [I do like BBQ sauce on my Idaho spuds though.]

    I think giant blueberries would scare me. Clearly there are some alien forces at work there. 😉

  9. I do the same thing with potatoes on the grilled – nuke ’em a bit first…and I loooove swordfish – yum!

  10. you’re right. shred is sooo short! it kicks my butt b/c im not in shape but after I am in shape.. it totally wont be enough! p and i used to pair it with a run before we got bored and now we just run lately. I need to add strength back in tho!

  11. We were thinking alike with the berries! I posted a berry-licious blog today too haha.I want to go berry picking in the next couple of weeks, I’ve never done it before!m And I think I’d pay more for giant blueberries- I always think that the bigger blueberries are, the better they taste!

    • berry picking is so much fun! I haven’t done it since I was a kid, but I have fond memories out on the blueberry farm : )

  12. MMmmmmm. That looks like my kind of breakfast! Yum.

  13. […] loving the giant blueberries in season right now!!!! So plump + […]

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