Posted by: thefitacademic | June 15, 2011

Work from Home Wednesday

Wednesdays may just be my new favorite day of the week! But I’m not sure which I’m excited more about – the fact that I get to share my eats for another What I Ate Wednesday, or the fact that I get to do it from the comfort of my couch, at home!

Yesterday I mentioned that it feels good to be back in a routine at work. I went into “break-mode” as soon as I finished the semester. Then I went on a trip to Austin and exacerbated the issue. I can finally say I’m back into a good routine and am happily productive. But because it is summer, after all, I’ve decided to treat myself to 1 work-from-home day per week and I’ve deemed those days to be Wednesdays!

It feels fantastic to be able to work from home, and yet still manage to get stuff done around the house (e.g., I can definitely do some loads of laundry while I’m working without interfering with my productivity too much).

And it’s a good thing, too, because I’m going out of town for a long 4th of July weekend and I cannot believe that’s just 2 weeks from now! Yikes! So I need the productivity, for sure!

So let’s get to it – my eats:

Breakfast was a little more elaborate than usual since I’m at home. I made chocolate chip protein pancakes, using chocolate flavored soy protein powder. IMAG0966

Plus a piece of turkey bacon and some hash browns (1 small Idaho potato). I also topped the pancake with about a table spoon of dark chocolate dreams peanut butter and 3 sliced strawberries. Amazing and kept me full for hours!IMAG0968

Still very full at lunch time, so I opted for a smoothie rather than a big lunch.


In the cup:  a cup of spinach, 1 small banana, 1 Tbs cinnamon raisin swirl Peanut Butter, 3 strawberries, dollop of blueberry greek yogurt, and splash of almond milk to make it blend. Amazingly delicious!

In late afternoon I decided today was the day I would finally make that hummus I mentioned way-back-when.

Gathered the ingredients:  garlic, tahini, chick peas, olive oil, salt, and lemon (for juice)


I popped it all in my tiny little food processor and turned it on and walked away sat there holding it, because that’s how my food processor rolls!


I streamed in a little more olive oil midway to make it smoother.

I’m currently enjoying my afternoon snack:  freshly made hummus and carrot sticks.


Really delicious!

And though I’ve yet to make dinner, I have some chicken enchiladas planned for the night. But since I don’t want to leave you hanging, here’s a dinner I had from over this past weekend. Chris and I went to Jason’s Deli. I got a cup of tomato basil soup (sinful!) and went a wee-bit overboard on the salad bar. It was delicious!


Do you have a Jason’s Deli where you live?

What’s your favorite summer time soup?



  1. I cant remember where i’ve seen a jasons deli but im not sure if it was here? there’s a mccalisters down in wilmington and that place is insaaaanely good! anywho! I need to remember to pick up tahini- you totally reminded me that I need it to make some hummus! and man am i craving hummus!

    Happy WIAW girl! ❤ def try the cranbery spread — omgggg delish! I'll never miss that restaurant again! 😉

  2. Those chocolate pancakes look insane. The only way I ever use chocolate protein powder is in my pancakes actually. It is just too gritty any other way.

  3. I don’t like to eat hot spoon foods (oatmeal, soup) in the summer… so I eat overnight chilled oats and gazpacho!! Cute blog 🙂

    • great compromise! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. homemade hummus is the best. Looks so creamy! glad things are back to norm for ya.

  5. homemade hummus is the best. Looks so creamy! glad things are back to norm for ya.

    i think my last comment went to spam


  6. I MISS JASON’S DELI!! I ate there all. the. time. when I was in TX. Best sandwich place EVER.

  7. I’ve never heard of Jason’s Deli, so I don’t think there’s one here 🙂 And oh my gosh those pancakes look amazing! I just ran out of protein powder today, boo!

  8. How awesome to get to work from home in the MIDDLE of the week! That tomato soup looks really good too.

  9. I’ve never heard of Jason’s Deli…all your food looks really good.
    I’m pretty much a soup any time of year fan…in the summer a light veggie soup is good though.

  10. I would love to work from home some days! Great job on finding that balance 🙂

  11. ooh yum!! My food processor makes you hold it down too which is a bit of a pain. It also does not hold much so we’re getting a new one. I love homemade or any hummus- did yours turn out well???
    favourite summer soup? gosh anything with veggies always tastes good!

    • I’m in the same boat with the processor! I want a big fancy one, but my kitchen is tiny and even if I splurged and bought one, I’d have no where to store it. We’re moving in a couple months though, so we’ll see…..

  12. I just found your blog and I love it! I’m a grad student and know all too well how tough staying fit is in the busy world of academia. 🙂

  13. I’ve never even heard of Jason’s Deli! I wish we had one around here!

    Working from home is the best, especially if it’s mixed with working in an office. Then you appreciate it more!

    • definitely! I don’t think I could work-from-home full-time. Too many distractions! But just once or twice a week is awesome!

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