Posted by: thefitacademic | June 14, 2011

Something old, new, borrowed & blue!

Something Old:

A dinner I made a couple weeks ago that never made it to blog world. Probably because it is one of the least healthy things out there….but oh, so good!IMAG0880

Homemade chicken artichoke alfredo. Made with whole wheat noodles (to offset all the cheese Winking smile). I cooked the chicken, then sauteed some artichoke. In a separate saucepan I made homemade alfredo, using fresh parm cheese, whipping cream, and some of this-and-that (seasonings, etc.). Put the drained noodles in the bowl, topped with chicken and artichoke mixture, then covered with the alfredo sauce and some fresh basil from the garden. Absolutely amazing!!!!

 Something New:

I’ve been sporting a hand-me-down Army duffel bag to lug things to the gym. But when I was in Austin I snagged a precious duffel bag from Sam Moon (remember that day when I went shopping and saw all the tacky UT stuff? I actually got something good from there!)


Now I use it and my also new-ish CapTexTri water bottle (still so proud!) And look how cute – the bag is lined with pink! Today I totally matched it, as I was wearing a pink shirt, black & pink pants, AND black & pink shoes. More matchy-matchy than normal, but it was just while I was at the gym before I changed into “real” clothes!


Something Borrowed & Blue:

My “borrowed” thing is also blue, so I’m making it count twice! A friend of mine just graduated and gave me her graduation gown so I won’t have to buy one! Those things are surprisingly expensive (in the $100s) for being hideous scraps of fabric. Here it is. I would have modeled it for you, but I feel like that “jinxes” it somehow, so I couldn’t bring myself to do it!


Check out the tag:


That’s right…I’m gonna be a doctor. Quick – hide your children! Open-mouthed smile

And now I’m off to whip up some dinner for tonight! Been busy workin workin workin’ it up, but it feels great to officially be back in the swing of things at the office!

Have you ever had to buy a graduation gown? How much did it cost?

Did/will you do the whole “something old, new, borrowed, blue” for your wedding? I didn’t really care about it, but my whole family felt so strongly about it that I ended up with something in each category…the “borrowed’” was a last-minute pearl necklace which was gorgeous!



  1. Hellz yeah I did the borrowed blue thing. seven years later, I still wear those blue undies. Is that gross? Haha.

    Doctor… Friggin fantastic!

    • Haha! That’s where I got MY blue from, too! A friend got me some VS panties that were embroidered with “Sexy Little Bride” – all the lettering was in blue! : )

  2. When do you graduate? I didn’t have to buy a gown for my BSc, the university I went to just let us borrow them for the ceremony. I don’t know how it works once you get up to the Masters/PhD levels.

    As for wedding, (which was only two weeks ago??!?!) I totally did the old/new/borrowed/blue thing. I had my grandma’s vintage handbag (which I didn’t actually carry with me, but hey) which she gave me a few years ago for something old; I had my dress, which was obviously new; I borrowed a beautiful sparkly brooch from my friend and pinned it to my bouquet; and for something blue, well, I rocked a pair of awesome blue high heels under my dress. They’re amazing and I’m totally going to be able to wear them again. It was a gorgeous wedding day.

    Oh I even carried a horseshoe for luck. I’m not superstitious but I like the English tradition. I was also a horse-crazy teenager so it was a nod to my former self, and the horseshoe I used actually came from my mom’s horse, so we kept it in the family. Kinda fun!

    I can’t wait to write a blog post about the wedding. Waiting for more pics, though, in the meantime!

    • Wow – awesome that you could just borrow the graduation gowns!
      Congrats on the wedding – can’t wait to read all about it!!! I was totally horse-crazy as a teen, too! My wedding theme was “Lucky in Love” with horseshoes! Check out my wedding recaps on my “about” page!

  3. I bought my gown just a few months ago and it was over $100! I wasn’t going to buy one, but since I am going to be a professor, I’m going to have to go to those ceremonies every year, so I figured I should invest in it. I didn’t put mine on until after I officially passed my defense either. 🙂

    • haha, so funny because I’m not usually superstitious, but I just can’t bring myself to put it on yet!

  4. we had to rent our gowns in college – they were like $50 to rent! i don’t want to ever buy one!

    • Wow – I guess it’s nice to have the option to just rent instead of having to shell out even more….but $50 for a rental is crazy!

  5. My gown for my grad school graduation was expensive and remember they charged me for my “honor cords” for having a high GPA. That just seemed wrong!

    • The whole thing seems wrong! I would bet that the schools get some sort of kick-back from the gown company….there is NO WAY a sheet of polyester (not even shaped!) should cost so much!

  6. Haha — this is why I won’t be attending my college grad! I remember my HS grad gown was like $60. Last year’s class at my college paid $140 for just the gown, plus I think $20 for the cap, and extra fees for honor cords etc. No thanks!

    • I know it’s such a crazy monopoly!!! I didn’t walk at either of my college graduations thus far (B.A. and M.A.), but I totally plan to for the Ph.D. I’ve gotten suckered into the whole celebration thing : )

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