Posted by: thefitacademic | June 12, 2011

Perfect Summer Weekend

Yesterday ended up being so much fun! Very relaxing and a perfect weekend day!

I started the morning by taking Rocky on a walk.

Then I went on a bike ride. A friend is out of town and letting me borrow her road bike while she’s gone so I can get a taste of it (my current bike – the one I did all my training on for my triathlon – is a hand-me-down mountain bike!)IMAG0948

Very nice – it’s really making me think about saving my pennies for a “real” bike like this one! Winking smile

After the bike ride I took a shower and ran a couple quick errands before heading over to a friends’ house with a cooler of food and drinks and plans to just lay out poolside and relax all afternoon. It was a fun time!

Then Chris & I came home and decided to do burger sliders for dinner!


I know sliders have been around oh….forever now, but for some reason we’ve NEVER made them at home before! If there’s one thing I love with my food its variety. So when I saw the slider buns at the store, I knew burgers presented the perfect opportunity for some variety in our usual ho-hum dinner routine!

Back:  regular burger with pickles, onion, lettuce, cheese, ketchup & mustard

Middle:  BBQ bacon cheese burger with sauteed onions and jalapenos

Front: Blue cheese burger slathered in blue cheese!

Topped each with some lettuce and served with a side of carrots & a dish (un-pictured) of leftover mashed sweet potatoes I made a couple nights ago.IMAG0945

It was freaking delicious! The buns were potato bread…I usually try to stick to whole grain buns but this was a special treat!

This morning I woke up and made myself a pot of coffee using a new-to-me coffee flavor that I’ve never tried before:  Hawaiian Hazelnut


Verdict = DELICIOUS! Its so rich it tastes like a dessert!

I went on another long bike ride before I have to return the bike, and then I made out a Summer Time To-Enjoy List. Have you heard of these? I saw Heather talk about it after she saw Lindsay talk about it. I thought it was such a fun and good idea! I always dream about doing fun things over the summer, but it’s nice to make out a list and actually figure out when all those things are going to occur because some require planning!


You’ll notice that several of the items already have “check-marks”! I hope to add several more!

Some of the things on my To Enjoy List:

Fun Fitness things:  hiking, tennis, long walks with Rocky,

Food-Related things:  $1 drinks at Create Café, Sundays at Sullivans, BBQ’s and/or dinner parties with friends

Relaxing things: pool-lazing, magazine reading, Salt River Tubing, Outdoor Film Series

and many more…

I try not to stress if I can’t make everything happen, but this way I have something tangible to hang on the fridge and if I have free time I can look and see if there’s something I can do from my “enjoy” list!

This afternoon I’m hitting up my favorite yoga class and maybe enjoy some time reading. It’s been such a great and relaxing weekend…just what I needed!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

Have you ever heard of the “To Enjoy” List? Have you made one?

Do you prefer flavored coffee or “regular” coffee?



  1. To enjoy list-I have never heard of one but it seems like something I need to get into seriously. I love me all types of coffee minus the sugar which makes me sick blerg.

  2. I love the idea of a ‘to enjoy’ list!

    I love sweet coffee- I’ll drink it flavored or unflavored, just as long as it’s sweet 🙂

  3. oh I totally enjoy all your list! So fun, as it should!

  4. Oooh that coffee sounds DIVINE!

    Your to-enjoy list looks fab 😀

  5. I love that you even have a “to-do” list for fun things 🙂 I can’t even remember where I put my grocery list, so that wouldn’t work out well for me!

  6. Never heard of the “enjoy” list before but totally love it!!!

  7. […] hit up Create Café. You’ll notice it was on my “To-Enjoy” List! We’ve been before for lunch, but this was our first time for dinner. I got the exact same thing […]

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