Posted by: thefitacademic | June 10, 2011

Work hard, Play hard

This week has been strange. I’ve been at the office everyday, had a couple marathon-lengthed meetings, but feel like not much has really been accomplished. Like, I’ve done a lot of talking about projects and plans, but not actually doing the follow-through, you know?

I need to work on that for next week. For this week….I’m just coasting into the weekend already Smile

I mean, I’ve got some work to do from home today, but nothing too intense. We’ll save that for Monday.

Breakfast today was phenomenal!


An English muffin – 1/2 with cream cheese, 1/2 with dark chocolate peanut butter, both topped with fresh raspberries. Couldn’t be any easier, and it was truly delicious!

Yesterday some friends and I went to a local minor-league baseball game. We watched the Tucson Padres take on the Las Vegas something-or-other (can’t remember their mascot!)


We piled 6 people into our car and all rode down together, so it was even more fun! Plus, on Thursdays they have a “Thirsty Thursday” special where all the domestic beer is only $1! I decided to avoid the greasy baseball foods (nachos, hot dogs, etc.) and opted for a couple beers, instead.

Also, the night before I’d gone to see Bridesmaids and it was just as hilarious as I had hoped it would be! Even moreso, really! I swear, there was one point where I was laughing so hard that tears were just streaming down my face! I never laugh that hard! It was fantastic!

Its been fun to get out and do something fun – especially on weeknights! I usually don’t get the chance since I’m always working (both during the evening AND early in the mornings), so its usually not a great idea to be going out late. But I am soaking up the summer! I feel like this is payback for the last few months of insanity and I’m not worried about it because I know the work will get done. It’s not going away or anything Open-mouthed smile

So on my To-Do List for today:


-Do reading/writing work


-statistical analyses

-walk Rocky

-grocery shopping


-schedule appt. for Rocky’s annual shots


What are your weekend plans?

Do you accomplish less on Fridays than other days of the week?



  1. I accomplish everything on one day normally for my week because I get lazy the rest of the days. I need to do about 99% of those things as well bahaha.

  2. Toooo funny about your breakfast, I just bought english muffins for the first time in AGES and love topping them with PB 😀 my fave is to use a cinnamon raisin english muffin and top it with white chocolate wonderful PB!

  3. That is a fabulous to do list! I was more active when I had a dog. I do have a kid now though and it allows for evening walks as well! You are making me want to make a bagel egg and cheese sandwich on an English Muffin! So yummy!

  4. I’m glad you liked Bridesmaids! I had a few brushing away laughing tears moments.
    I definitely slow down on Fridays. This weekend I’ll be getting a hair cut, maybe going to a library book sale (I have way too many books, but it never seems to stop me), food shopping (trader joe’s run), morning workout…maybe a movie…

  5. Mmm, breakfast looks GREAT!

    I accomplish all random things at random times hahaha

  6. That’s a great to do list…and looks a lot like mine! I definitely don’t get as much done on fridays…although I sometimes add in a nap 🙂
    This week was one of those weeks for me when I was busy the entire time, but I don’t feel like I got much done….like you, lots of talking but not much productivity! Maybe next week?!

  7. That breakfast looks delicious!! And now Imc raving some stadium food.

  8. ahh, you just reminded me that I need to make a schedule with the vet. haha. thanks girl. Enjoy your weekend!

  9. I am definitely unmotivated on Fridays- Sundays are my scramble days where I try to fit in all my errands that I neglected 🙂

  10. I really want to see bridesmaids!!!! I am usually still accomplishing my to do list on Friday… I think its because i wake up the earliest this day!

  11. Based on my morning so far, it looks like my weekend plans consist of watching old TV shows on netflix. Ha!

  12. Bridemaids was the LOVE IT!
    Today I plan on doing NOTHING. Maybe I’ll bake some cookies but other than that I have a date with my couch. 🙂

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