Posted by: thefitacademic | June 6, 2011

Weekend Best & Worst

Catching up on the weekend? Well you’re in luck! I did basically NOTHING this weekend so there’s not much to catch-up on!



I did a total hack-job on Rocky’s hair! Technically it was Friday, but I’m counting it as the weekend Smile

Chris helped even it out a little on Saturday, but the clippers died (it’s cordless and it takes so long to cut Rocky’s hair that it always dies half-way through!). I went back and tried to even out a little more last night, and here’s the final product. It’s not getting any better than this, folks!


And I’ll let you know that I took Rocky on a walk yesterday and someone commented on how cute he was,! Open-mouthed smile


I know how lame this is, but my “Best” was wearing my new running skirt!IMAG0889

Have you ever read Caitlin’s debate about re-wearing workout clothes? My stance on the re-wearing workout clothes debate is:  Bottoms ONLY, and ONLY if they didn’t get very sweaty! I only wore my skirt a short distance, so I re-wore it for a quick jog yesterday, too!

If I were allowed another “Best” it would be the amazing food I’ve been eating! Since Chris has been working 70+ hour weeks I’ve been home. A lot. So I’ve spent a good deal of time cooking things that I’m normally too lazy/rushed to make! I had a killer breakfast yesterday that I’m repeating today!


I made some lazy girls’ protein pancakes, but added fresh raspberry to the mix. Then when it was done, I topped it with vanilla greek yogurt and more fresh raspberries. I LOVE berry season and I’ve got 3 different kinds in my fridge right now! Love it!

I’m spending the rest of today at work. Speaking of which, I’ve got to run! Have a great Monday!!

What’s your stance on re-wearing workout clothes?

Speaking of Caitlin, have you donated to her neighbor? You can give as little as $10!! See here – you could win a new Garmin!



  1. My views on workout clothes are the same as yours!! Tops just cannot be reworn. It would be WAY too gross, smelly, disgusting, etc lol!

  2. I’ll rewear just depending on how sweaty I got when I first wore them. I’ve totally botched my dog’s hair before lol she had just one foot that was completely buzzed.

    • haha, love it! Good thing they don’t know, right? : )

  3. I definitely agree about re-wearing exercise clothes only if they’re not too sweaty! If they are, they need to be washed! 🙂

  4. So funny—-I definitely re-wear workout clothes (bottoms only) if they weren’t sweated in 🙂

    I look at it as my contribution to saving water (and the earth!).

    It’s nice to meet you 🙂

  5. I’m with you on re-wearing workout clothes. It definitely depends on what I’m doing, and how sweaty I am. Your dog is adorable, and I don’t think his haircut looks bad at all.

  6. I don’t re-wear tops (unless I maybe took a quick walk and didn’t get sweaty AT ALL), but I do re-wear bottoms, since I only have two pairs I like. I throw them in the hamper as soon as they get too sweaty, though.

  7. I will occasionally rewear bottoms if I haven’t gotten sweaty (like during my at home strength training). Usually, my clothes get pretty sweaty, so I wouldn’t want to put them back on. Also, with my luck (and sensitive skin), if there’s a chance of getting an infection/rash from rewearing, I’ll get it.

  8. Mm raspberries! Berry season is my favorite.
    I’ll re-wear workout clothes if I don’t get too sweaty, like shorts & yoga pants.

  9. I don’t re-wear tops… But I do wear bottoms twice, socks twice and sports bras twice… But then its off to the washer. Nobodys complained about me stinking….yet 😉

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