Posted by: thefitacademic | June 3, 2011

My “Mangy” Mutt

Back in the homeland (Tucson) and I’m trying to get into a routine.

Yesterday I went into the office for most of the day…took a slightly early day to come home around 4:00pm. I tried to give my baby boy a much-needed haircut. We have special dog grooming clippers and Chris has become an EXPERT groomer. Not even joking, people have seen his work and offered to pay him money to do their dogs, too. Me on the other hand….not so much.

Well, Chris has been crazy-busy with work which is good & bad. It’s good because his business (he’s a small-business owner, as of this past January) is finally really taking off. Bad, because now he’s working 70+ hour weeks with no days off and things that used to be on the “Honey Do” List of chores are no longer getting accomplished. One of those things is Rocky’s hair cuts.

So yesterday afternoon I decided to take things into my own hands. Only…I F*ed up. Pretty badly Disappointed smile

I used a guard that was much too short (like 1/8 of an inch instead of 1/2 an inch). When I realized my error I tried to swap out guards, but then while I was shaving the guard fell off and I got Rocky really good with no-guard until I realized what was happening and that I was shaving him down to the skin…

…if you are unfamiliar with what “guards” are and what all that mumbo-jumbo means, then just take a looksy at this picture.

THIS is where I was at when Chris came home and disrupted my progress…


I don’t even know what to say without laughing! He’s my baby boy so I love him regardless Open-mouthed smile

He’s so silly because he LOVES hair cuts too. Something about the electric razor – I think it feels kind of like a massage for him.

Anyways, Chris saw what a whack-job number I’d done to Rocky’s coat and determined that I could not be trusted to fix it correctly (probably true!) So Rocky is going to have to look like he has mange until sometime over the weekend when the hubbs has time to fix it up….if that’s even possible given the different lengths of hair.

Chris joked that my “punishment” should be that I have to take Rocky to PetsMart and the dog park so I’m embarrassed by my actions Winking smile


It’s okay, he just looks like he’s brindle. Right? Right? No? Whatevs.

Like I said – he’s my baby so he looks beautiful to me no matter what Open-mouthed smile

Have you ever attempted to groom your own pet? Would you ever consider it?

Is everyone at your office on “summer schedule” too? Looking around at the empty offices and cubicles in my building its obvious that I’m not the only one dipping out a little early!!!



  1. Oh, poor Rocky. 🙂 I’ve never groomed Peanut (beyond Furminating her), but once when I was clipping a horse I actually used the surgical shield and he had one naked ankle. It took so long to grow back!

    • oops! Don’t tell my hubbs that! I’m promising him that it’ll grow back before we even know it : )

  2. I tried to bathe my cat once and she scratched me on the face right before my senior photos. I had to reschedule and it was the biggest pain in the ass ever. ha.

    Poor Rocky. He is still super adorable though. 🙂

    • omg, that would be horrible! I SHOULD’VE rescheduled mine….I got the hugest zit ever right on the center of my nose literally like the night before the photo! How does that always happen!?

  3. hahahah I can see the difference but I think you can get away with saying he’s brindle 😉 He’s still so cute!

  4. I don’t have a pet, so I’ve never groomed one before! Sorry about the accident! He still looks adorable though! And I wish we were on a summer schedule. That would be amazing!

  5. You should see what we did to bullet the ferret during his last “hair cut” oh my gosh!

    He’s still a cutie pahtootie! lol! accidents happen =)

    • yeah – it’s just hair! It’ll grow…..eventually : )

  6. oh my gosh! poor rocky. tell him i’m sorry, because when i saw that picture, i literally started laughing so hard i snorted and my eyes started tearing up! i’m sure i’d do the same thing to capone if i ever tried that.

    i never groomed him, but once i made him bleed when cutting his nails. i felt so so so awful even though he totally didn’t make a big deal about it or even wine. i gave him like 10 treats that day though because i felt so bad.

    • i would probably do the same thing! Sweet little Rocky, though, has NO IDEA how hideous he looks. I’m just lovin’ on him anyway ; )

  7. Hahhahahahah I love his, um, haircut! 😉 I have a friend who shaved one tiny strip on his pug for shits and giggles and it took AN ETERNITY to grow out! 😀

  8. Aside from clipping my kitty’s claws when he gets “clacky” I don’t do too much grooming (he gets swatty). Rocky looks pretty happy anyway!

  9. Aww Rocky look so cute 🙂 His hair cut looks unique 😉

  10. […] the husband giving Rocky boy a much needed hair cut (remember his last one!? Thank goodness the hubbs did it this time […]

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