Posted by: thefitacademic | June 2, 2011

Austin Outtakes

Well I’m back in Tucson and back to work today! I wish I had a day “off” to clean my house, do my laundry, etc before going back to work, but hey – I have a 2 day work week so I can’t complain! It’ll be Saturday before I know it!

Since I spent all day yesterday traveling without much memorable to capture on film, I thought it would be fun to share some Austin Outtakes with you. These are pictures I took while in Austin that didn’t make it to the bloggy before. But they’re too good to NOT share. Here they are, along with some captions to explain the photos…


Austin is Live Music Capital of the World! I got to see plenty of live music just totally randomly, without even seeking it out! I got to hear music in the park, in the Austin airport, at restaurant/bars, etc. You can’t escape it! (not that I’d ever want to! I love live music!)


In addition to all the UT paraphernalia I had mentioned, there’s plenty of Cowboys fans, as well! Loved these Salt and Pepper shakers that I came across at a friends’ place!


Wicked goggle-lines post swim. Might be a smidge too tight???


My Mom got peed on by a bird! She narrowly missed the white-poopy portion, but didn’t manage to escape the clear-pee portion. I laughed hysterically. Probably because it’s always ME who usually gets pooped on by birds (it has happened almost countless times in my life!)


Seeing deer in the neighborhood on my morning jog. LOOOOVE seeing them all over – its so beautiful! I’ve talked before about how my Mom’s neighborhood feels like its straight from a Disney story sometimes!


Love my nieces and nephews!!! I’ve been lucky to spend a good amount of time with them while I was in town. They’re precious!


My Mom has spoiled my sister and I a little – taking us all to get pedicures on my last day in town. Didn’t think to take a pic with my Mom’s toes (Sorry Momma!), but here’s my sis and I’s fancy new summer-colored toes!

And finally….


If this isn’t a good excuse for getting new luggage, I don’t know what is!!! I’ve been wanting new luggage for probably the past 3-4 years now (and I travel semi-frequently…about 5-6 times a year). Well when I got my suitcase off the conveyer belt in the airport, this is what it looked like. Zipper is totally gone. Next trip = New luggage!!! Open-mouthed smile

How long do you typically have luggage before buying a new set?

Are you sportin’ any fun summer-time nail polish colors??



  1. Woo-hoo! I am a total Cowboys fan and i’m jealous you got to be in Austin 🙂
    I always need a ‘day off’ after vaca too. I love all of your pictures!

    • i know, right!? I need to start planning my “day after vacation” as part of my trip so I have the time off of work : )

  2. it looks like such a fun trip! 🙂 i’ve only bought one piece of luggage in my life – and that was last year. so apparently i replace my luggage never?

    • that’s how I am! Luggage is just so dang expensive, too! I use it literally until its falling apart!!!

  3. bahahahaha! best idea for a travel post evaa! ❤

  4. I have had my lugguge for 5 years now and I really think I need to get new ones. HA this post is hilarious.

  5. I love wearing colors on my toes that are too bright for my hands… pinks and reds especially! Your pedicure is exactly my style.

    Had to laugh at your Mom’s jeans. That SUCKS!!

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