Posted by: thefitacademic | May 28, 2011

A swim a day…

…keeps the doctor away???

When I first got in town and everyone asked what I wanted to do, one of my main priorities was to spend some time in and around WATER!

Aside from swimming laps in the pool at my gym, I rarely get the opportunity to be around water in Arizona.

Well, my wishes have been granted because I have gone swimming just about every day since I’ve been in Austin and it has been marvelous!

Swimming at Barton Springs (my first open-water swim trial-run for the triathlon) on Wednesday


No swimming on Thursday.

Friday I was able to enjoy the gorgeous pool-side views from my brother-in-law’s place which looks over an entire valley and is absolutely gorgeous.IMAG0821

Complete with putt-putt golf course and ponds Open-mouthed smile


Saturday it was back to Barton Springs for my last open water swim before the triathlon – this time in full wetsuit to see how it would go. There were TONS of other swimmers there and I saw a couple in tri-suits, so they must be getting in a last training swim, too!


Then this afternoon my sister wanted to go to the pool again! Who was I to disagree? Swimming twice in one day? No biggie! Sure I had to wear my wet swim suit – it’s a small price to pay!

Rounded out all that swimming out with a nice healthy snow cone Winking smileIMAG0830

There are snow cone stands all over Austin, but there have never been snow cones anywhere else I’ve lived (Florida & Arizona), aside from the occasional stand at an amusement park – but they have the crap ice and crap flavors that suck. What’s up with that?

Oh, and aside from that, I also got in a nice long bike ride yesterday. I’m borrowing a bike from a friend and it is WAAAAAAY nicer than my standard bike at home. I’m getting spoiled! It will be hard to go back! I came home yesterday a complete sweaty mess, but it felt great!


Yesterday I plan to have a semi-rest day since the triathlon is on Monday. I want to do some stretching and some easy yoga, but nothing too strenuous. I’m pretty nervous about the tri. I keep hearing horror stories about how difficult it is and I’m feeling a little less prepared than I would like to be. My training was WAY less rigorous than what I’d done prior to my first half-marathon this past January and I’m just hoping that it was enough to make it through! I don’t have any time goals – I just want to finish!!!! Send me your good vibes!

Now I’ve got to jump in the shower and get ready for a blogger meet-up with Christin. Excited to see her again! Hope everyone is having a great Memorial weekend!

Are snow cones around where you live?

Any fun plans for Memorial Day?



  1. There is a snow cone place I’ve been wanting to check out in Charlotte-they have over 50 kinds of flavors! I definitely need to hit that up before I move.
    Um, can I go to your brother in laws???

    • Wow – 50+ flavors!? That’s amazing! And I’m right there with you on the bro-in-law’s place! I joke with my sis that I want them to build me a guest house so I can just move in and mooch off the gravy train ; )

  2. I have not been able to find a place that sells snow cones in Great Falls. Which is just stinkin’ awful. That used to be my FAVORITE treat from the ice cream truck 😀

    Sending you lots & lots of good vibes for Monday!!

  3. I am going to the strawberry festival tomorrow which should be the I love swimming outdoors. So relaxing.

    • oh wow, a strawberry festival sounds AMAZING!!!

  4. You get to meet Christin?! Jealous!!!

    I wish I could do an open water swim in a wetsuit.. that would be so cool!

    Good job on all of the swimming and biking… and golfing an having fun!

    • Yeah, Christin is a total doll. This was actually our second meet-up, we met the first time this past summer. Love her!

  5. Can I move into your brother in-law’s? I’m very quiet, neat, and tidy. Or at least can I spend a day enjoying the views?

    • I know, right!? I joke with my sis that they need to build me a little guest house like in “Knocked Up” that I can live in and mooch of of them : )

  6. It was so good to see you, my dear! Super mega good luck vibes for tomorrow!! xoxo

  7. oh fun fun! i love barton springs. A nice dip in the …..lake? haha.

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