Posted by: thefitacademic | May 23, 2011

Say What?!?

After weeks of planning and preparing, after an entire day of laundry, making out a list of things to pack, and pre-packing as much as I could, after a week of relative luxury against the back-drop of last semester’s craze, somehow I’ve made it to the night before heading back to Austin. And I am a wee bit screwed.

My flight leaves at 6am . I need to be there by 5:15am at the latest. That means leaving the house by 4:45am at the absolute latest….so waking up around 4?

It’s 9pm and I still need to finish packing, run up to school to pick up some stuff I accidentally left that I absolutely must have (doh!), and try to get to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour. So I’m gonna keep this short.

Busy, busy day. Woke up 6am, went to the gym. No time to shower so I’m stinkin’ it up at the office, below.


Yes, that’s a Texas flag in the background….I miss you so much, Austin!!! I’ll see you soon!!!!Open-mouthed smile

Notice that I’m rockin’ Gina’s hair-twist thing!IMAG0775

very messy (I also biked to, from, & around campus for transport so this is workout hair + helmet hair all in one!), but still cute, right?? No?? Well, better than just plain straight-up messiness!

Lots more work, work, work. Home late. Late shower. Late dinner. Here we are now. Off to school! (Ugh!)

Do you ever use dry shampoo? What’s a good brand & where do you get it?



  1. I’ve been thinking about looking into dry shampoo too. Too many days of no-time for a shower in my recent past.

    Have fun in Austin!

  2. I really want to try shampoo. I try to get away without washing my hair all the time, so I can’t believe I’ve never tried any!

  3. I’ve always been intrigued by dry shampoo, but I’ve never tried it. You’ll have to let us know if it works!

  4. welcome back to austin…hopefully when you get this you are here!

    • Woohoo!!! I made it!!! Thanks, girl – feels like coming “home” : )

  5. I want to try dry shampoo SO bad!!!!!

    Safe flight today! 🙂 Hope you are already there and resting.

  6. I have used pantene, and while I don’t use it when I’m in swim team season (um chlorine needs to get out very quickly). I do use it when I’m not in the pool and it’s actually pretty decent. It comes out in like a foam type thing.

  7. My sister has some awesome dry shampoo but I forget what the name of it is.

  8. Have a safe flight girl! I’ve never used dry shampoo, but the idea of it seems really interesting! If you find a good brand, let us all know!

  9. For some reason I always feel like dry shampoo might not work so well on curly hair.
    I guess I think you comb it in or out…which would be a problem!

  10. […] I decided it would be better just to NOT shower than to have to deal with that gross-ness. I’ve done this before, too. Apparently I have no problem walking around stinkin’ up the […]

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