Posted by: thefitacademic | May 21, 2011


Word of the last 24 hours is INTENSE! But intense isn’t always a bad thing.

Case and point – The froyo last night was intense!


Killer combo of sugar free strawberry banana frozen yogurt + (regular) raspberry frozen yogurt, topped with shredded coconut, diced kiwi, sliced strawberries, a couple cheesecake bites for good measure and a sprinkling of white chocolate chips.



And the hike this morning was also intense.


After hiking for only about 30 minutes on reasonable trails, the elevation drastically increases. Two friends and I are climbing the G*D D*MN stairway to heaven and I.Want.To.Die. So apparently endurance in one area (even several areas:  running, bicycling, and swimming) does NOT translate into endurance in another area (hiking). One person there was an experienced hiker and agreed that the trail we were on was “challenging.” The other person and I (both casual, rather than real hard-core, “legitimate” hikers) both thought we may die. For reals.

The photo above is from the “half way” mark on a trail that claimed to only be 2 miles. (2 miles STRAIGHT UP). With the sun beating down we agreed to call it quits at half way (about an hour 20 minutes into the hike overall). I hate to feel defeated, but I will be back for that mountainous trail again, just you wait!

I got home and enjoyed a Rocky kisses bath. He just loves when I work up a good sweat! (He’s licking my arm, below – NOT my armpit, I swear! haha)


Just licking away. It was pretty intense.


I need a shower. Chris is working so I don’t have a car & am pretty much stuck at home (read why we’re a 1 car family here), but I honestly don’t mind. I plan to take Rocky on a walk up to the store (only about half a mile away) and maybe pick out a RedBox. Or maybe I’ll get a little reading done this afternoon. I’m going to be cranking out some work tomorrow so it’ll be nice to have this afternoon to lounge about. Sounds fabulous to me!

Do you ever indulge your dogs in a little licking when you’re nice and sweaty? Smile 

Do you ever go hiking? Any tips? Next time I think we need to pace ourselves a little more. We were really bookin’ it and I think that by the time we slowed down we had just exhausted ourselves way too much to recover.



  1. bahaha! I dont have a pup but bullet the ferret is allowed to lick my feet after a shower… and he gives p’s face a tongue bath when he picks him up every time. super cute =)

    you dork! those wontons are so easy. You can cheat with store bought cookie dough even =) shhh I won’t tell! ❤

    • I’d still prefer for you to just do it for me ; )
      But maybe I’ll use the store bought dough….that’s more my style, haha!

  2. I went backpacking freshman year and sprained my hip flexors so I don’t think I’m one for tips ha. 😉

  3. I am hiking a 10 mile trail into the canyon on Friday! I can’t wait.

    Pacing is key, for sure. Especially on steep trails. And so true about endurance in running biking, etc not translating to hiking. No one really gives credit where it is due with hiking!

  4. I’m tired just from reading about your hiking. Lincoln LOVES when I come home from the gym and of course I let him give me kisses!!

  5. Ha, yes! My dogs LOVE when I come back all nasty from a bike ride. I sit on the couch with them so they can get their sodium intake for the day! 😉

  6. Haha my pup always likes to lick me too when I come back from a run or sweaty workout! Its gross but I just can’t resist her cute lil face!

  7. hahaha! capone likes to lick me when i’m sweaty too! 🙂 silly puppies.

  8. I want to go hiking so bad. I havent been in a long time

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