Posted by: thefitacademic | May 20, 2011

Make up your mind!

I’m a Psychology graduate student, research associate, and lecturer.

Even though I do research/teaching and nothing clinical, every time I tell someone I study Psychology the response is the same: “Are you psychoanalyzing me?” Cute. Never heard that one before, buddy! Winking smile

And, to be fair, in undergrad you certainly have to learn a lot about clinical diagnoses and the DSM (which is the diagnostic manual used by clinical psychologists). One thing I noticed is how often the names of certain diagnoses would change over time to be “politically correct.” Manic-Depressive became Bipolar Disorder. Split Personality became Dissociative Identity Disorder. And so on.

If you know anything about me, you know that I am not very politically correct. It’s not like I’m trying to offend people, but I myself have NEVER been easily-offended, so my sensitivities toward offending others has always been a little “off.” You cant empathize with someone when you don’t understand why they are offended to begin with. Know what I mean?

But that doesn’t mean I’m cruel or heartless. That just means that sometimes I have to apologize for offending people. Even if I don’t understand why someone is offended, hurt feelings still warrant an apology and I can still sympathize when people feel hurt.

So I’m trying to be politically correct here & don’t be offended if you take this some way other than as its intended (cheeky and light-hearted), but DAMN – Tucson, you are bipolar!

Last week it was sweltering, temps already in the mid 90s.

Yesterday the high didn’t even crack 80.

I didn’t expect this of you, Tucson! Being from Austin, I know ALL ABOUT some crazy weather. There’s an old saying from the area, “If you don’t like the weather right now, just wait 15 minutes.” It’s true, too. It could go from hot, sunny, 95 to black as night, stormy, and 65 degrees in the blink of an eye. But no one ever warned me that Tucson could have a similar streak!

So no tanning by the pool the last couple of days for me. Which is all fair and good, seeing as the last couple of days have been work days anyways. And I’ve been enjoying the cooler temps by engaging in more outdoor activities in the late afternoons.

There have been walks with Rocky…


bike rides and jogs…


and more gardening, too! I think I’m on a roll! I need to have the boy make a raised bed so I can plant some real stuff Smile



No worries, gym. I’m sure I’ll be back soon. You are where I do my swimming and, of course, you are quite useful when it comes to my brick workouts for triathlon training – you’re the best equipped facility, for sure.



But even with your TVs on every treadmill and elliptical, with your 50m lap pool, rows of weights, and smoothie/sandwich shop, even with all of that I still pick OUTSIDE over you.

That is, of course, until Tucson decides to hit the other extreme of it’s bipolar tendencies and temps return to a more “normal” state….approximately sweltering. Then I’ll be back to the gym more often Open-mouthed smile



  1. oh man, that would drive me crazy! i do not like hot weather at all, though. so i know tucson or austin would not be the right place for me…

    i was a psych major in undergrad and one of my clinical psych professors was really old and really old-school. he was so NOT politically correct, i’m not sure how he was allowed to keep teaching that way. it was definitely an entertaining class though!!

  2. Yeah, I’m totally not PC either. I think more people need to relax about that stuff! 🙂

  3. We’ve had that weather too…it’s the end of the world – NOT! Ha i’m not very politically correct either. is that a bad thing!?

  4. I remember TX weather! Absolutely nuts. And I’m saying that as a New Englander!! haha

  5. I always feel bad when I refer to things as bipolar or schizophrenic, too. But sometimes I get sick of worrying about offending people and just want to communicate in the way that best explains the situation!!!

    I met a girl a few weeks ago who is getting a PhD in psyche. She said guys love to use that line “are you psychoanalyzing me” and her retort is always “No, I could tell right away you are a douche.”

  6. Hahah! That is too funny you are having WACKO weather!
    Psychology is so interesting and it is CRAZY how the DSM is constantly updated (and soo $$$)

  7. New England weather is nuts like that – especially in the spring. It’ll go from nice and sunny blue sky to snowing!

  8. Oh I get shit like that all the time! Oh, you’re a doctor and study birds? There’s this bird in my yard with a broken wing. My aunt actually asked me to come to her house to clip her pet birds toeenails. No joke.

    I’m not easily offended and I sepnt the last week with my super sensitive sister. I feel like I should copy and past this post and email it to her! The line about it being hard to empathize when you don’t know why someone it hurt…right on!

    • haha, DIED laughing at the clipping the bird’s toenails! You can’t make that stuff up!

  9. That would drive me crazy too! The weather’s been gorgeous here lately which is perfect because this is a long weekend in Canada 🙂 Lots of outside workouts for this girl…

  10. Thats cute. I was talking with one of my sorority sisters who I havent talked to in awhile and I was telling her about the whole quitting my job thing. She started asking me all these questions and was very inquisitive about it Then she told me she is going to start her residency soon in clinical psychology and I was all “Ahhhaaaaaa” it made sense with all the questions. I enjoyed it actually, I told her to let me know if she ever wants to grill me again lol

  11. Hahaha, I love your diagnosis of Tucson weather! The weather in Heidelberg is totally schizophrenic – rain and bright sunshine at the same time, heavy rain on the left side of the street while no rain on the right side of the street, hail storms in summer that continued for two days in a row and were so heavy that the roof got leaky and I was casting pots and bowl in my apartment to catch the water that was dripping from the ceiling …

    And of course, being a psychologist myself, I know that prejudice … No, people, we are not Freudians! 😀

  12. We’re getting the big tease in NJ…one day is “Finally! It’s getting nice and warming up” next day “this sucks! it’s cold and rainy”…at least our humidity is consistent!

  13. Everybody who is a psychologist/studies psychologyy gets the “are you psychoanalyzing me?”-question… I usually respond with “Yes, I have completely figured you out by now. We do a lot of this stuff at university.”

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