Posted by: thefitacademic | May 16, 2011

When Monday Feels Like Sunday

Today has felt a lot like a Sunday. I did some work, some errand-running, and lots of reading/lounging. It’s been great! Summer definitely agrees with me! Open-mouthed smile

I think we’re all still a little tired from camping this weekend. Chris and I both feel sore (not like good post-exercise sore…the kind that comes from a poor nights’ sleep) and Rocky has been even more lazy than usual.

Soakin’ up the sun!


Yesterday after yoga my friend and I hit up a little local coffee place, Coffee X-Change, just to sit and chat awhile. I got an iced tea because I don’t like to have coffee in the evenings (yoga was 4-5, so it was about 5:15pm)IMAG0716

We ended up sitting and talking for over an hour! It felt like it had only been 20 minutes so when I checked my phone and saw the time I was shocked that Chris hadn’t called yet to find out what was going on! It was great to get to hang out and catch up for a minute, though.

It was even better to come home to find the hubbs in the back yard manning the BBQ grill!


We had some leftover food we’d bought for camping and never cooked, so he had the grill fired up with chicken sausage links, steaks, ears of corn, and the foil package you see contains carrots with some butter and seasonings. Ever tried carrots on the grill? I LOVE it – they always come out so tender and delicious!


The rest of today has been pretty non-eventful, which is always good. I had time for a nice run this morning, but I think I’m going to have to start waking up earlier to go because it’s already HOT as BLAZES by 8am! I love summer, but I’m not a fan of the Arizona 115+ degree summer months!

I think tonight’s going to be a sushi night. We’ve been eating out entirely too often lately, but I can’t help myself! For some reason I’ve just been wanting to spend money like crazy! I need to learn some self-discipline or something!

Do you try to eat mostly at home or do you eat out often?

Any tips for eating-in when all you want to do is eat-out?



  1. I like to cook eat at home most of the time, but when my fiancé and I are together we like to eat at restaurants a couple of times a week or so. Right now we’re in the middle of preparing to get married and move, so I’ll be packing up my kitchen things shortly and then we’ll have to eat out for the last week or so in BC.

    I know how you feel about the fire bans with camping in your last post; there are often fire bans at the campsites in BC in the summer, but if you want to camp you have to put up with it. It usually means lights out early though.

  2. If I make a meal “plan” for the week then we normally stick to it. BUt if I don’t then we get takeout all.the.time. It’s inevitable! So, I try to make a plan every week – notice I said TRY. Hehe.

  3. When I want to eat out-I normally just do. It’s how I feel about cravings…because for me personally if I don’t eat when I have a craving it gets worse.

    I love grilled all sorts of veggies. They always taste delicious!

  4. Glad you are enjoying your summer and hanging with friends 🙂

  5. Carrots on the girl sound interesting! I literally have a crazy amount of carrots to get rid of right now…I was thinking a soup but thats so wintry! Maybe ill grill em up instead 🙂

  6. I eat at home as much as possible. It’s cheap and healthier 🙂

    • definitely! It’s sometimes SCARY to see the calorie/fat content in foods at restaurants!

  7. I eat in more than out. I try to bring lunch to work with me. I noticed last week I ended up buying more because I had no appetite for “the usuals” with my cold. I kept buying bagels for breakfast and soup for lunch!

  8. Ah, I wish I was still in school so I had summers..bummer! I try to eat in often bc eating out is pricy, but lately there have been birthdays and special occassions which resulted in dining out. Looking at my bank account convinces me to eat in more often

    • I’ll be in school the rest of my life if things go according to plan : )

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