Posted by: thefitacademic | May 15, 2011

Camping Fail + Lazy Girl’s Protein Pancake

We were all packed up the night before – ready to go!


Finished packing perishables first thing Friday morning


all of this + clothes + 2 ice chests with beer and food

We were ready to go.

Chris, Rocky, and I met up with a friend by a little past noon and headed up the mountain-side together. We were the early birds, but more people were planning to come join us later in the afternoon.

Rocky was very excited – he knew we were off to do something fun!


It takes what feels like forever to get up there. 30 minutes to the base of the mountain and another 30 minutes just to get to the camp site (which is only about half way up the mountain side)


Mt Lemmon

When we get there…..we are informed that there is a BURN BAN! No camp fires, No charcoal fires….the smokers in the group couldn’t even have a cigarette without a potential $2,000 fine!

That was a little bit of a problem, seeing as I had planned all of our meals around being able to cook on a camp fire. I had bought ears of corn which I had already cleaned, buttered and seasoned, and wrapped in foil. I did the same thing with a bunch of chopped carrots. And with potatoes.

Thank goodness our friend had a propane grill so that we wouldn’t completely starve. But it was tiny and not really up to par for feeding all 7 of us, in total. Kinda a bummer. So we stayed for the night (and told lots of fun ghost stories, being that it was Friday the 13th), but first thing on Saturday morning, 3 of the people packed up and left…before we even attempted breakfast on the grill.


The table is where we spent most of our time. No point in gathering around a “camp fire” when there are no fires allowed.


The 4 of us who remained decided to take a nature hike walk down by the “lake.” I say it in quotations because it is the most fake-looking lake I’ve ever seen. It’s man-made and is completely lined with brick to keep the water enclosed. It is tiny, barely larger than a big pond, and is completely packed shoulder-to-shoulder with fishermen. It’s the only “big” body of water within 100 miles (probably farther), so it’s a popular spot. It wasn’t really my scene. And it made me miss Austin for all of its natural water and beauty (but there’s only 9 more days until I go back for a visit and for the triathlon!)Open-mouthed smile

We went back to our camp site. We talked. We munched. We flipped through magazines.


And eventually, we decided to go. We were going to stay 2 nights, but it’s all a little lackluster without a fire.


So we came home late Saturday afternoon. We bathed Rocky, showered ourselves, and started laundry for all the stuff we’d taken with us.


It’s crazy how amazing a bed can feel after a night of sleeping in the woods. (Even when it’s sleeping in a tent on a two-story queen-sized air mattress. Heh, yeah.) I also really enjoyed the breakfast I was able to make at home in the morning.


This is a lazy-girls’ version of my protein pancake. Basically, it was the just-add-water kind from Trader Joe’s….plus I added a scoop of protein powder and a dash of cinnamon. Served it with a couple tablespoons of greek yogurt on top (a mix of leftover Chobani cups – blueberry and vanilla flavors). DELISH!

I got the idea of using greek yogurt as a pancake topping from Caitlin (instead of the much less-healthy maple syrup to which I’m so accustomed). I wasn’t sure what I would think of it, but honestly, it may be my new favorite pancake topping! Delish!

This morning Chris and I have done some house deep-cleaning (scrubbing the fridge, walls, etc.) and I plan to take Rocky on a nice long walk. This afternoon I’m meeting a friend for yoga and I’m really excited. It has been waaaaaaay too long since I have practiced yoga and we are going to my absolute favorite class led by my absolute favorite instructor, Annie at Yoga Oasis.

One of my favorite things about yoga is that it gives me a time to just pause and be in the moment. I need to work harder on living in the moment (I’m always thinking about the next 10 things I need to get done). It’s very refreshing.

I hope all of you get a chance to just be in the moment sometime this weekend!

How do you slow down when you’re accustomed to going 100 miles a minute?

What’s your favorite pancake topping?

Any failed weekend-getaway (or vacation) stories?



  1. My favorite topping is actually yogurt. I’m prediabetic so I can’t really have pure maple syrup sadly. I also enjoy jam. That is a nice alternative too.

    • yum, I’ve tried jam before, too. Delish!

  2. I don’t think I would bother camping if I couldn’t have a campfire! You definitely get my vote for being hardcore, haha..

  3. no fires allowed!? ahhh that is just plain mean of them! Glad you still had fun and I totally would have left early too! comfy bed wins for me everrry time! Though my hubs still begs for camping trips… hmm.. eventually i’ll give in =)

  4. Camping without the campfire is really roughing it! I wouldn’t survive…I slow down by reading a good book . I find it soothing to get lost in a really well written story 🙂

  5. Wow I can’t imagine camping without a fire! That would be so different! Rocky looked like he had a splendid time though 😉

  6. Omg that is such a bummer! At least you TRIED to make the best of it.

    My favorite pancakes are currently the ones I made yesterday. Still drooling over them!

  7. Looks like a fun trip? haha I love bananas on pancakes

  8. way to make due with what you had! and yes, austin misses you too!!

  9. oh man, i would have been super bummed! it definitely doesn’t feel like camping without a fire!

  10. sounds like a fun camping trip , even without proper campfire …
    i love that cute doggie 🙂

    my fav topping is .. fruit glazed over with honey .. and more chocolate sauce !

  11. Still sounds like a fun time!! And your pancake looks delicious! I love topping mine with yogurt!

  12. Those pancakes look delish! I love bananas & sugar free syrup, but greek yogurt sounds awesome as well 😉


  13. […] made some lazy girls’ protein pancakes, but added fresh raspberry to the mix. Then when it was done, I topped it with vanilla greek yogurt […]

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