Posted by: thefitacademic | May 8, 2011

Operation: Make Friends

It’s hard for me to believe that I only have three days left of the semester.

On the other hand, I can’t believe I still have three more days.

This weekend has felt like full on 100% SUMMER and I have LOVED.Every.Minute!

Plus, look at me – already working toward my summer goals!

This morning I went on a nice long run. Saw this cactus flower blooming while I was out & I felt inspired to capture it (working toward goal #1 – exercise regularly)


After a shower and a weeee bit of obligatory school work, I gave my toenails a nice paint-job I REALLY wanted to get a pedicure, but I feel awkward because of the big open sore I have on my foot from Monday. I can’t have people messing around with my feet when I’ve got a gaping wound! (Working toward goal #3 – “Me” time)


Then we ran a couple little errands (mall to exchange something + grocery store to pick up necessities) and rented Little Fockers so we could laze about this afternoon with a movie. Really quite relaxing. Just as a weekend should be!

And last night was a total success, too – we went to a graduation party for a friend. Lots of fun, met some new people, and had a genuinely great time. Plus, it led into an invitation for BBQ over at another person’s house tonight. I’m already expanding my wings and hanging out with different people! Things are looking promising for my mission of Operation:  Make Friends this summer (working toward Goal #2)! Plus Free BBQ! Can’t go wrong!

Chris and I are out the door. Have a great Sunday evening!

Do you ever make short-term goals that are non-fitness related?



  1. I like to make short term goals a lot to keep me on track no matter what aspect. I do a lot with school, but a lot with personal things as well.

  2. The cactus flower is gorgeous!

    I do make goals that aren’t fitness related but I typically have a harder time keeping them… I have no idea why that is though!

  3. Yay for only three more days!! The cactus flower is seriously so beautiful!! I’ve never seen anything like that in person before! I definitely make non-fitness related goals all the time!

  4. That cactus flower is so pretty!

    I make little goals all the time–mostly in regards to saving money though.

    • ugh – I need to revamp some of my money goals. I haven’t had any in quite awhile but I need to get on that so I don’t just keep spending money indiscriminately!!!

  5. I feel your pain about not being able to get pedicures because of open wounds on your feet, that’s the story of my life. 🙂

  6. i love to make short term goals…. it helps me stay focused! my friend is having the same problem with not being able to get a pedicure… at least your toes sitll look pretty 🙂

    • ehhh – it wasn’t a close-up shot on purpose (think: polish on toe, in addition to nail) : )

  7. I make short term goals all the time. Most of my goals are non-fitness related!
    I’m glad you had a great weekend. Making new friends is awesome!

  8. Go ash!! way to get those goals going! new people, new friends!

  9. all the time. Cleaning out my messy car has been a perennial goal of mine!

  10. I’m trying to meet more people, too. I hang out with people in Rhetoric and Composition and that is it. I am trying to branch out, at least in the English Department. I’m going to a party tomorrow and I am hoping to spread my wings, too.

  11. I don’t make very many non-fitness related goals, but I love the making friends goal! I should adopt that 🙂

  12. My goals tend to be very short-term, as in what I write down on my daily to-do list. I like the idea of adding a making friends goal. I should do that!

  13. I would have to say most or all of my goals are not fitness related. “Learn to macrame. Try a new veggie. Spend less time in front of the computer. Go to bed earlier.” and so on.

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