Posted by: thefitacademic | May 3, 2011

Monday Best and Worst

Good morning friends!

Yesterday was another crazy day! I’ll tell you what – I am COUNTING DOWN the days until summer! Next week should be fairly easy, and then I am HOME FREE for 2 months! Not that I won’t still be working – but I won’t be teaching classes, attending classes, on campus every day for meetings, etc. And perhaps best of all, the boss-man leaves for almost the entirety of summer because it’s so hot in Arizona that it just gets unbearable. Of course, this has it’s down sides (like when you need something from Mr. Boss-Man), but for the most part, it’s nice to just get work done with all the other mice as the cat is away on vacay Smile

So let me give you my Best and Worst from yesterday.

I like to start with the Worst so I can end on a positive!

I wore some new shoes I got from Old Navy (grad student budget – I buy a LOT of stuff from Old Navy!) I know this sounds like a good thing. And I do think they’re pretty cute.


But they left this wicked blister on my food. Doesn’t look as bad as it hurts!



For my Best – because it’s the end of the year, the undergraduates from our department do a little faculty appreciation week. I found this guy in my mailbox yesterday.


The note has a picture of a little tree thing and has a cute little note about helping the undergrads grow. Inside the bucket was some mulch and seeds, too. Such a sweet idea IMAG0622

Made me feel good.

And speaking of growing – check out my flowers that are STILL going strong!!!


a burst of blue


tiny little primrose


cascading greenery


and a punch of pink!

I’m so proud of myself! I notoriously kill every plant I ever own, so the fact that these guys are still rockin’ (despite some close calls!) really makes me happy!

And today the husband is off to work super early, and I don’t have an appointment until 2pm, so I may just stay home and work through lunch-time before I head into the office. SOOOOO nice to get to work from home sometimes. I wish we had a larger space with my own home office and I would totally do it all the time (for now, I just work from the couch!)

And I just want to say a sappy little “I miss you guys!”

Things have been so crazy that I haven’t been able to keep up with my favorite blogs as I wish I could! I promise – starting next week things will be calming down & you can expect more comment love! Is it weird to say I miss someone when you guys have never even left? Whatevs – its true! I said it before & I’ll say it again…totally COUNTING DOWN the days till summer!

Until then – What was your Best and Worst of Monday (or the weekend….or past week)?

Do you have a green thumb? What do you grow?



  1. I can grow green plants but flowers aren’t my thing. 🙂
    Best of Monday = awesome step class
    Worst of Monday = having to stay late at work 😦

  2. Best is that I have a 4 day week! Worst I haven’t had time to run!

  3. EEk – I hate when cute shoes give blisters. One of my favorite shoes does this and I have it taped up in every which way to avoid it. 🙂

    I tried to grow veggies but my work got the better of me and weeds have infiltrated! I’m hoping to do much much better next year.

  4. The shoes are cute though! Worth the blisters! (or not)

  5. i got a gnarly blister yesterday too! grr… it was not cool.

  6. Shoe blisters are the worst! I always shop at Old Navy. I don’t have to dress up for being home with the baby and I don’t feel so bad when she barfs on me.

    I’m glad summer break is getting so close for you!

  7. OUCH! That blister looks painful =(

    I love Old Navy though. With a passion. I’m a broke student too and not only is every piece of clothing I’m currently wearing from Old Navy, but so is half of my closet. Looooove.

    • haha, mine too! Used to be way worse because my sister used to work there, so not only would I buy all there stuff but that’s what I would always get for presents too : ) (not that I’m complaining! Love it!)

  8. Almost summer.. good thing you are done with your comp’s!
    Yay for faculty appreciation week 🙂

  9. I am relatively good with plants. I had lettuce,peppers, tomato and herbs growing in my tiny apt. garden until we left for Hawaii and they died. I did not try growing anything last summer, but this time I have started a few herbs.

    • ahh, i LOVE the idea of an herb garden! I’ve tried a few times though & they always die as soon as I start using them (maybe i prune too much?) I’m just happy with my small success – small steps! : )

  10. Ooh, I feel the pain of that blister! And the plant idea is lovely. I kill everything I try to grow too except my orchid, which still flowers every few months after a couple of years… luckily, orchids thrive on being a bit neglected 🙂
    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    • weird – I always thought orchids were super temperamental? I’ve never bought one because I thought FOR SURE I would end up destroying it! : )

  11. I hate when shoes give me blisters. It is usually just the first few times and then after they are broken in it stops. I do have a few pairs that i just had to stop wearing though because it never stopped!!!

  12. […] toenails a nice paint-job I REALLY wanted to get a pedicure, but I feel awkward because of the big open sore I have on my foot from Monday. I can’t have people messing around with my feet when I’ve got a […]

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