Posted by: thefitacademic | April 25, 2011

Summer Lustin’

Happy Monday!

Yesterday began with a big waffle mishap.

It’s my fault. I began by just mixing up some stuff because I was all out of my normal TJ’s pancake mix. This is surely where I went wrong (although it looked okay??)


I poured the batter into the heated waffle iron and everything still seemed okay at this point.


But, alas, once the light flashed that the waffle was “ready” I tried to open the waffle iron and discovered that my waffle did not stick together.


It was very sad, indeed. But then I just took the rest of my batter and made a normal pancake and it seemed to work out just fine


along with homemade hashbrowns


I cut the pancake in half (I’ve been making the most giant pancakes lately!) and served it up with some turkey bacon. As a pancake “syrup”, I warmed up a little Bonne Maman blueberry preserves. It was delicious!


Soooooooo delicious!

Perfect way to start the day!

Then I went on a long bike-ride. Most of my bicycling training thus far has been either:  super short distances (5km) or have been inside at the gym rather than on the real roads. Today I wanted to do 30km (the triathlon will be 20km biking) to get a good road-bike-ride in.

I road down to my favorite river trail path – it’s specifically made for bicyclists and runners. Here are some of the views.


beautiful mountains


little dog park I rode by

But, unfortunately the trip to and from the river path was pretty terrible. Tucson is an OLD city and the roads are totally falling apart! The river path, itself, was pretty nice. But I biked there from my house – here is just a sampling of the roads I had to travel on to get to the river path.


pot-holes everywhere


best case scenario – the road is all cracked up



but, mostly, there are lots and lots of potholes.

Get it together, Tucson! You need to get your streets in order! Made biking on the city streets MUCH more difficult than on the river path – which was perfectly smoothed.

After my stellar breakfast and long bikeride, Chris and I went to a friends’ apartment to do some BBQ-ing and relax by the pool.


We didn’t play any volleyball because we didn’t bring ours – but we will definitely do this in the future!


It was a lovely, relaxing afternoon. Perfect.

Which is great, because this week is going to be absolutely grueling. It’s nice to be able to go into the work-week well rested and relaxed. I cannot wait until summer so I don’t have classes on top of my work. CANNOT WAIT! 2 weeks (not that anyone is counting) Winking smile

How was your weekend?

Anyone else seriously lusting after summer?



  1. Ummm me me me me!!! I cannot wait to turn my brain off! lol!

  2. I hate it when I mess things up like that, especially when you’re looking so forward to eating it! At least you had more batter to make pancakes 🙂

  3. I’m craving summer so badly! We’re barely getting spring weather in Chicago! It’s brutal! Sorry about the waffle mishap, but at least you got a yummy pancake out of it!

  4. We had the perfect weekend! Sun was shining, lots of spring cleaning, and a trip to the dog park. It was a great way to spend the holidays 🙂

  5. I always crave summer. Now that I’m out of school and only working, there’s not much difference besides the nice weather. It was sort of sad last year when I realized… Damn, it’s July and I’m not doing anything any different than I do in December. AAAhh, well! I guess that’s what happens when you get older.

  6. I am SO ready and so CLOSE to summer I can almost taste it!!! Can’t wait 🙂 Sorry about the waffle mishap, LOL

  7. Hm, I don’t have a waffle iron, so I really don’t know what might have happened here! 😦 Are you training for a triathlon? That’s awesome! 🙂

  8. Oh no! I used a waffle iron at a hotel once and the same thing happened to me 😦

  9. That always happens when I make waffles! Which is why I never make waffles anymore. At least you had enough batter to make pancakes.

    Definitely lusting over summer here. It’s two more weeks of school for me too. Can’t wait!

  10. I wish we could go on ridiculously long bike rides together!!! 🙂

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