Posted by: thefitacademic | April 19, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

Well, yesterday the shower at the gym went….exactly as I had imagined!

The stalls were tiny and grossed me out because it was impossible not to bump into the wall and/or shower curtain if you moved at all. Also, I noticed about half-way through my shower some really unsightly hairs stuck to the shower curtain. I gag. And to top it off, the water never got warm. Yep. Cold shower.

And then when I was getting ready, of course, I realized all these things I had left at home (face lotion, under-eye cream, etc.) Fantastic. This is why I avoid locker room showers! Open-mouthed smile

That’s okay – I can try to schedule my workouts accordingly. I’m glad I got in my lap-swimming time despite the unpleasant shower that followed.

In other news, remember when Swanson sent me a bunch of products to review? I’ve given a couple reviews but hadn’t used all of the products just yet. Well, I’m finally out of my old toothpaste (I typically use Sensodyne) so I decided to give the Tom’s Sensitive toothpaste a try.


I’ve been using it for about a week now and so far I’m pretty pleased! I’ve never used the Tom’s brand all-natural toothpaste before so I knew it would be a little different. It doesn’t suds up as much as I’m used to (if that makes sense?), but I have sensitive teeth and this toothpaste seems to be doing the trick because I haven’t had any pain or sensitivity to hot/cold so that’s a success in my book!

Thanks, Swanson!

Well I’m off for another grueling day! I’m being so productive, though – I just gotta keep pushing on! At least we’ve gotten through Monday, right?

Have you ever used Tom’s brand products? What did you think?

Are you up to anything special/exciting/different today?



  1. I use most “natural” products, except toothpaste. I tried to once and it was so nasty. It tasted like cloves and my teeth did not feel clean after!

    My wild plans for the day include a trip to the library 🙂

    • haha – love the wild library trip ; )
      I was worried the toothpaste would taste gross but it really doesn’t! A little different consistency maybe, but not nasty tasting by any means!

  2. I just found out the Sensodyne is made by GlaxoSmithKline, which tests on animals. So as soon as I run out of my current tube, I’m switching to Tom’s Sensitive! I had no idea Tom’s had a sensitive toothpaste, so thank you for the recommendation 😀

    • Wow, I had no idea about Sensodyne testing on animals – that’s terrible! I definitely recommend Tom’s – I was a little nervous about the whole all-natural toothpaste taste, etc., but its’ really not bad!

  3. Eww, gym showers–I have similarly tried (and then never gone back). I will run my errands sweaty (or go back to work sweaty…sorry coworkers) and not even worry about it. Different today? Hmm, not yet–but I WILL be going in for a hair change after work

    • exciting! I love doing different/new stuff with my hair!

  4. I REFUSE to shower at the gym! I did last semester and I was so horrified that I would rather go to class sweaty than get in that tiny stall. EWWWW!

  5. I go back and forth between Jason’s Extreme Whitening (or some such named) natural toothpaste and the Listerine toothpaste… I love the bite of the Listerine kind, and that Jason’s is the only one that even remotely comes close!

  6. The little girls I nanny for use the toms toothpaste! But i haven’t tried it :/

    I am feeling bleh today – So nothing new!

  7. That was one of the first natural products I ever bought… the taste took a bit of getting used to, but I really liked it!

  8. Ugh, sorry about that gym shower. That’s part of the reason why I work out at home. 🙂 It’ll get better!

  9. reason I work out in the morning at a gym close to home is that I can just come back and shower…between the gym showers and knowing I would never remember to bring what I needed…it’s just easier!
    I’ve never tried the Tom’s of Maine products…actually I tried their bar soap once, which smelled nice but was pretty pricey!

  10. toms works fine……though for toothpaste i have to say i like good old crest the best.

  11. It took me a little while to get used to Tom’s toothpaste, but now I kind of prefer it. Go figure!

  12. So sorry about the bad shower experience :/ !! I guess the good side is that it makes you shower faster 😉
    Glad you have been enjoying the toothpaste!

  13. I’ve used Tom’s before and do like it!

  14. […] I went to school uber-early and did the gym thing before going into the office. Remember when I tried to shower at the gym that one time and nearly died it was so disgusting? Yeah….well, I decided it would be better just […]

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