Posted by: thefitacademic | April 18, 2011

Weekend Best & Worst

Well the weekend just flew by in the blink of an eye! I suppose it was better than last weekend but only on a minute level. Last weekend I spent a great deal of time with my lab and showing around a prospective grad student. I wasn’t able to be getting work done, and yet my time was entirely monopolized.

This weekend I had no pressing time constraints. And so I worked. What else is new? Open-mouthed smile

I’m taking my Comprehensive Exams next week. Some of you are/have been graduate students so you know what this entails. For the rest of you – just think of the most hellish week imaginable. It is notorious for being a week of sleepless nights, being over-caffeinated and locked away from all people, furiously working on the exam – just writing, and writing, and writing. As it is approaching I find myself getting a little apprehensive. I just want it to be over! So I spent a good chunk of this weekend prepping for it. I’ve gathered References and been reading articles like a mad-woman. Which brings me to my “Best” and “Worst” of the weekend….



I totally feel like the lady in the picture above. My “worst” is the disgusting amount of time that I spent at the office this weekend. This “worst” is exacerbated by the fact that we are having the most GORGEOUS weather ever! Oh, what I would give to be sunbathing by a pool somewhere!


***remembering my honeymoon just a few short months ago helps! Winking smile


Saturday night I took a break from the school-work and went out to do a little gambling (it’s legal in Arizona). I went to the dog track for my first time – there’s an Arizona Kennel Club that people can bet on from all over the country. Chris and I bet on a couple races.


Here are the books that give all the dogs’ stats and the tip sheet for which dog is a good bet


The view of the track from inside


The dogs all lined up. I was a little nervous about going to a dog track. I’m a HUGE animal-rights person and I didn’t know how the animals were treated. They all looked beautiful and it seemed as though they all totally loved what they were doing. And their names were precious! One was called “LovedbyCJ”…it made me think/hope that they were, in fact, being treated well.

Waiting for the race to start, you can go outside and line up by the track.


And it’s over in almost the blink of an eye! Those little guys are FAST! The picture above actually has the dogs barreling out of their corrals and down the track, but they’re almost a blur so it’s hard to see. I couldn’t get a good shot of the action – they’re just too quick!

After a couple races at the track, we’d been loosing our money and decided it would be fun to go play a free Texas Hold’em Tournament being hosted by a local bar. Even though the game is free, there is a real cash prize for the winner (this type of thing would have been illegal in Texas – so Arizona wins in that domain!)

And while playing cards something happened that has never happened before – I outplayed Chris!!!! He is basically a poker champ and I’ve only played recreationally here and there, so I was AMAZED when I was still playing after he went out! I even made it to the final table! I didn’t win the cash prize – I ended up in 5th place and only the top 2 get paid. But I had a great time! And it was fun to take a break from all the school work!

This morning I’m doing something differently than normal, too! I’ve gotten up early and I’m heading to school to swim some laps in the MORNING! That means I’ll need to shower & get ready for my day there instead of swimming in the afternoon and simply coming home to shower. I’ve always had a weird phobia of showering in gym locker rooms and this will be my FIRST time since HIGH SCHOOL to shower in a locker room! Is that weird?

Does anyone have some advice for making it less-horrible (or am I the only one with this strange mini-phobia?)

What were your “Best” and “Worst” moments from the weekend?



  1. Oh my gosh. Comprehensive Exams sound AWFUL! Good luck!

    I also haven’t showered in a gym locker room since high school. I am a horrible germophobe.

  2. the dog races sound fun! and go you poker pro! 🙂 i’m awful at poker….brad and his friends get really competitive and i’m always so nervous about doing something wrong and getting yelled at! lol.

    i hate showering at the gym too – i do a lot to avoid it. sorry, no advice here!

  3. I always showered in the gym locker room. A nice big towel and flip flops help! Also, I was that person with a little shower caddy, but it’s better than scurrying back to your locker clutching all of your products!

    • yeah, I definitely need one of those if I’m going to keep using the locker room shower!

  4. Sorry about the crazy work part of your weekend! So cool that you went to a dog track though!

  5. It would be pretty cool to see dog races
    I like the Honeymoon pictures and I am so sorry about your busy week :/
    My weekend best was Finishing a 10k and the worst was it rained all day Saturday.
    Have a great day 🙂

  6. ack! i have the same phobia! If it were me i’d be asking everyone in sight about the pups. I’m annoying like that =) I don’t know what doggie care protocol is for race tracks… hmmm.. might hit up google!

  7. i used to love the dog tracks as a child 🙂 that brings back good memories!

  8. I’m totally fine showering at the gym as long as i have my flip flops. That’s really the only thing.

    Good luck on your examS!!!!!

  9. Oh my gosh, good luck on the comps!!! I took them about a year ago, but here we do the written portion as a literature review and an NSF grant that have to pass our committee. Its better and worse than the week of writing, but I still had to do the oral part.

    You’ll do great!!

  10. Super good luck with the exams! You’ll do great!

  11. That’s awesome about the poker tourney!!! I love when I outplay Jay! 🙂
    Best part of my weekend was hanging out with some of my favorite friends Saturday night and worst was Sunday night knowing I had to go back to work Monday morning. 😦
    Good luck on your exams!

  12. Sorry about the crazy exam part of your weekend. But at least you got to get out for a while. The dog races look like fun!

    I hate showering in gym locker rooms too. If I go swimming at the YMCA, usually I just come home and shower. I’d say bring flip flops and your own soap in case they don’t have any there.

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