Posted by: thefitacademic | April 12, 2011

Lazy Girls’ Donuts

Over the weekend I made some Lazy Girl’s Donuts. I’m not going to pretend that they are healthy because they are not. But, maybe they’re slightly better for you than the ones at Krispy Kreme’s or Dunkin Donuts. And maybe you an healthify the recipe yourself. If you do – let me know. In the meantime……

Lazy Girl’s Donuts!!!


-Roll of refrigerated biscuits

-A little bit of oil for pan-frying

-cinnamon & sugar mixture

that’s it!


Prepare your cinnamon-sugar mixture in a bowl. Open the roll of biscuits and flatten out on a floured surface.


Use a shot glass to press down in the center of each flattened biscuit, removing the center.


Put some oil in the bottom of a large skillet. Put your donuts in and fry up on each side until golden brown and cooked throughout


I also made use of the doughnut holes! I peeled them apart and stuffed with a little bit of honey nut flavored cream cheese. You could also stuff with chunks of fruit or veg – I think little pieces of strawberry or banana would be amazing! Put them in the pan and cook them up too!


When cooked throughout, dip each doughnut/doughnut hole in the cinnamon-sugar mixture.


All done – ta da!!!!!

Little Rocky boy especially loved this breakfast, because he snagged a fresh doughnut from the countertop (where it was cooling) while my back was turned.


But how can you stay mad at a face like that?

Side note:  Rocky just turned 6 over the weekend, too! My little boy is growing up *sniff*Winking smile



  1. What a great idea!! My boys would LOVE this!

  2. I would have never thought to do that! I bet that smelled fantastic!

  3. Sometimes you need good old fashioned doughnuts rather than one’s that are healthified!

  4. YOU ARE A GENIUS! THAT’s how I’ll get mine to be perfectly round and not all squishy and weird looking.

  5. Breakfast of champions! I’m all for this shortcut technique! esp since I can’t bake! Thanks for the tips and temptation! =) hehe

    did you enter my giveaway? omgggg enter it! I wish I could!

  6. That is a super amazing and fantastic idea! … that I want to try right this second! lol

  7. This does sound easy.

  8. You are speaking my language! Bookmarked 🙂

  9. What a great idea…I can see myself making this!I felt a hunger (for donut) pang reading this.

  10. Awww, happy belated birthday Rocky! Lincoln is gonna be 5 yrs old this year, where has time gone?

    And this idea is GENIUS—thanks so much for sharing! This could definitely be dangerous though….

  11. Ahhhh! I love the lazy recipes out there in the blog world. This is so awesome 🙂 YUM! I would have never thought of that, thank you for sharing !!!!!
    Happy B-day to Rocky !

  12. Mmm! Can I have one??

  13. My kid would *love* these. I just can’t bring myself to hit up Dunkin Donuts on the weekend, but homemade just seems healthier.

    • that’s what I thought – I mean it’s still pan-fried, but at least it’s not completely submerged in oil.

  14. Oh my gosh I totally love this! So easy and yes, I’m lazy sometimes so these sound PERFECT. lol

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