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Hey everyone! I never thought I would “miss” an internet world before, but I’ve definitely missed my fellow bloggers!

First, I want to apologize about my little updates at the top of my guest posts, because they have been WAY off! They were all set up last Sunday and I don’t know what I was thinking – I must have lost my mind!Open-mouthed smile

I left on Tuesday morning, 4:00am. Returned late last night, just a little after midnight. It was the longest 4 days E.V.E.R!!! Too much business!

But I also managed to have a little fun in Montreal. Met some great people, caught up with old friends, and did a fair amount of sight-seeing, given my limited time there!

So here are my thoughts on Montreal (and it sounds like many of you have been there, so feel free to comment on whether you agree or disagree)…

There is some beautiful architecture. So many churches and buildings that tower above the pebble-stone paths in old town.




It was a strange mix of super-old buildings along side more modern buildings, like the Conference Center where I spent the majority of my time


Similar to many large cities, there was a fair amount of trash strewed about. And there was also a definite lack of grass. There was also a ton of graffiti, which I was told by a native is considered “Graf Art” – Montreal is very proud of their Graf Art. Apparently they embrace it, and the artists have a certain honor system – they NEVER tag churches or people’s homes. But anything else is fair game.

We also managed to get a little snow while we were there. Didn’t stick to the ground long, but I enjoyed it (meanwhile, it’s 100 degrees in Tucson!!!)montreal

Our trip coincided with the “off-season” of Montreal. I’m told that they have little fairs and festivals down by the water and in the parks during summer months and around Christmas time. I’m sad we missed it. But, we got a good tour of the city – both above AND below ground. Yes, they have almost an entirely other city below their city (including malls, restaurants, transportation, etc)! Crazy that we had no idea until the day before we left! And I’m glad we were able to experience it.

We also experienced the thrill of China Town.




And found the little touristy shops where they sold all types of random trinkets



I passed on all the stuff above, but I did buy some edible treats!


Some Maple Sugar for Chris (he ate two before I took a shot!)IMAG0477

and a maple sucker for me – tastes just like maple syrup in the form of a sucker!

Unfortunately I didn’t get food shots because just about every meal was a business event, so it would have been pretty inappropriate. But Montreal has some amazing options! And along with the many fancy meals, I also had some of the traditional Montreal fare, including a smoked meat sandwich and poutine.

image(Smoked meat)

Basically a corn beef sandwich – nothing smoky at all. Tasted decent, but not my normal food choice.


French fries, gravy, and cheese. Sounds gross, but it was kind of delicious!

Of course I missed my boys! When I got home last night it was so late that we pretty much just went to sleep. Poor Chris has been sick & he’s had to fend for himself – poor thing! I think he’s finally on the recovery end.

While he slept in this morning, I took Rocky on a long walk.


Check out the pretty wildflowers in bloom!


Rocky wanted to smell them!


Buttercup, don’t break my heart!


These people’s entire house is in bloom!


Rocky was so happy! My precious baby.


Overall, I had a great time in Montreal. I was able to make some important contacts, spent lots of time networking, and still got in some fun activities. But, there is truly no place like home and I’m glad to be back. Not ready for tomorrow to be Monday! Ugh!

What’s the best thing you’ve done this weekend?

What’s your favorite thing about home?



  1. Poutine!!

    I worked all weekend, but I do love working from home. I guess that’s kind of combining your two questions into one…

  2. i always LOVE coming home at the end of a trip! i’m glad your conference went well & that you enjoyed your time in montreal!

  3. I just read a blog that talked about french fries and my first thought was “poutine” then I come here and see poutine. Now im craving it!!

    Love seeing all the pics. Glad you had a good time.

  4. Cheesie Fries and Gravy! Poutine! Poutine! C’est beau! I love poutine!

    It looks like you had a fantastic trip and enjoyed many of the sites of Montreal! I love Quebec! It’s one my favorite summer destinations either camping Gaspee or exploring old Quebec city. It’s just a wonderful spot!

    I spent the weekend skiing in Jasper! And it was fantastic! The snow and views were superb!

  5. Canadian friends of ours once sent over maple sugar candies… I’ve wanted more for the past 14 years! Thank you for showing us Montreal, as Canada is one country I haven’t been to yet 🙂

  6. Montreal sounds like fun! Love those maple syrup suckers! My weekend consisted of going to a Cubs game, and just plain old relaxing!

  7. It looks like you had a lot of fun! I’ve never been to Montreal. How crazy that there’s another level underground! I guess that’s good for the days when you don’t want to go outside in the cold. 🙂

    • exactly!!!! We got to use it too, since it snow/rained on us while we were there!

  8. I’ve heard of poutine before and heard it was good, but it just doesn’t look that appealing to me…I’m not a gravy person.

  9. Montreal is such a neat place. Glad you had a great visit! This weekend, I went for a walk with my dad which was awesome. I also had two excellent meals for my birthday. MMMMM.

  10. Welcome back! I really like Montreal, too! I was there for the jazz festival in the summer one year and it was really fun.

  11. Glad you had a nice trip! I’ve never been to Montreal.
    I spent my weekend catching up with some great friends!!!

  12. I have never been to Montreal. I am loving all the beautiful buildings! I do love green which Vegas doesn’t have all too much of either. When I visited my friend in Seattle, I was just in awe of all the green! It really is something I miss here.
    Rocky is too cute!

  13. awww sounds like you had fun! =) You were for sure missed!!!


  14. Glad you had a good time. I’ve never been, but I want to go.
    I was home this weekend, and I love my bed!

  15. Montreal looks beautiful! My parents went there in October and I was so in love with the pictures they took.

  16. Glad to hear you had a great time – the pictures are wonderful!

  17. Sounds like you had a great trip—I love the pics! I like the mix of historic and modern buildings together 🙂

    French fries with gravy is one of the best things as funky as it sounds, it’s been too long since I’ve had that which is a good thing.

    I’m sure your boys are happy to have you back!

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