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A “swimming” guest post!


*** I’ve made it safe and soundly to Montreal and today I’m chairing a symposium at a conference for the first time. Basically I organized a few experts from the field to talk about child growth and development. Wish me luck! In the meantime, check out this fabulous gust post by Hollie, and hop on over to her blog to leave her some comment love! ❤

Hi everyone!

My name is Hollie and as some of you may know, or not, I’m a college student in upstate NY. I am a math and education major with a minor in nutrition. Nutrition is something I feel strongly about and as a college athlete-I have found tweaking little things really gets me to my peak performance. Certain minerals and vitamins that I have never even heard of outside the periodic table in chemistry class now are of great interest to me.

Everyone has heard of the classic minerals such as calcium, iron and sodium. A few weeks ago, I talked about the importance of Selenium and Chromium on my blog.

What about the importance of Magnesium?


Magnesium is a mineral needed for bone and muscle contraction. It also assists in many different (over 300) enzyme system functions.

Men need about 400mg daily and woman need between 310-350 mg/daily. There is no known toxicity, so overdose if you want, because you can never have enough. However, if you don’t intake enough some common effects are low blood calcium, muscle spasms and seizures, nauseas, weakness of increased risk of chronic diseases and even type 2 diabetes.

And finally some of the most common food to get your daily requirements are your greens (spinach, kale, and collards), whole grains, seeds, nuts, legumes an beans. Many people in the blogging world are probably getting enough since we tend to like our vegetables a lot. It is just another reason why kale and spinach are the bomb!



Or in case you wondered (for us math and science nerds) copper is also a trace mineral needed in your diet. It isn’t just a cool element you can find on the periodic table.


Copper assists in many different enzyme systems and in iron transport (in your blood). Copper plays a big role in also absorption of iron in the body.

The RDA wants adults to be getting about 900mg daily.

However, having too much could result in diarrhea and liver damage. However, it is quite difficult to have too much copper and one of the only possible ways to do that is through supplements. There have been very few cases (worldwide) of having copper overdose from natural sources.

Having too little can result in anemia, reduced levels of white blood cells, osteoporosis in infant and growing children. Anemia is the biggest risk factor due to copper helping your body absorb your iron.

Some of your most important sources are shellfish and organ meats.

Similar to selenium much? But also similar to Selenium you don’t worry because nuts and legumes also qualify to help get your daily intake.


Thanks so much Ashley for allowing me the chance to post on your blog! I love reading it and I hope you had a great time away. 🙂


Question for you:

Do you eat certain foods, just to get trace minerals?



  1. I make sure I eat a lot of kale because it’s such a nutritional powerhouse! And, dork trivia, my Paragard IUD actually provides me with some trace Copper! lol! Who knew? 🙂

  2. one of my professors is a selenium expert. every time he gives a seminar, he brings in brazil nuts because of their high se content!

    • haha, I love Brazil nuts! Good to know they’re high in selenium! : )

  3. I like to eat fruits and veggies to get the vitamins and minerals. The fact that they taste great makes it a pleasure, too. When I’m looking for a snack I try to find something with almonds, they’re really good for you I hear.

  4. this is great to know! I feel like I miss out on minerals a lot

  5. Luckily a lot of the foods I eat contain lots of those 🙂 I don’t force myself to eat what I don’t like. So it’s good I like vegetables…in sauce…sauteed…with melted cheese…;) TOTALLY still counts though right?

    And – I wish I were in Montreal!

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