Posted by: thefitacademic | March 31, 2011

Super Fit Me

***I’m spending all day today traveling – leaving at 4:30 am! Eek!!! So Peter has graciously said he would do a guest post for me. By the time this post goes live I will already have been on the road (in the air) for several hours! Ugh, why does it take so long to get from Tucson to Montreal!?***

“Standing before the refrigerator: If I have to ask myself if I’m hungry, I’m not.” Hugh Prather


So the Fit Academic asked for people to guest-post and I’m in! OK, so it’s not an Ivy League University that I got accepted into, but it’s a pretty big deal for me. See, the reason I got into blogging was to take my writing skills to the next level and along the way I’ve been finding myself trying to take everything else I do to the next level, too.

My usual post would normally consist of either a review of something I’ve seen, read, or heard or my strategies for maximizing my writing or living experience. I don’t normally get into recipes and exercise tips so I thought to myself, how do I plan to fill these shoes?

Then last week I noticed that Morgan Spurlock  (from “Super Size Me” fame) had a new ‘auto-bio-documentary’ coming out soon called “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold”. It gave me the idea to just go ahead and do what I thought a fit academic might do.

I Could Use Some Work…


Now-a-days I’m not quite as much of a health nut as I used to be. When I was young, single, and studying to be a computer service technician about 12 years ago, I was taking vitamins, getting to the gym about 4 times a week, and eating fast-food rarely (despite drinking most weekends, which probably cancelled out most of the healthy stuff). So these days it’s 75% healthy eating, swimming once a week, and getting to the gym every week or two.

Despite my lack of exercise compared to my younger days, I feel pretty good about my health status, I think I must have been blessed with good metabolism or something. At the back of my mind, though, I occasionally wonder if my sometimes careless eating habits will catch up with me.

I have to admit that when there are sweets around the house, they seem to “sweet-talk” me into indulgence more than I’d wish them to and pizza gets gobbled up so fast I sometimes feel a little bit like an Electrolux.

Then I feel a bit guilty too.

Cue the “Rocky” Music…


After work the next day I hit the gym, but instead of my usual routine of 10 minutes on the stair-master to get my blood pumping, and 4 super-sets of either chest, triceps, and abs or shoulders, biceps, back, and abs, I thought I’d try all cardio. And read a book while doing it!

I got on the exercise bike and opened up my half-finished copy of Stephen Hawking’s “The Grand Design”. So far this year I’ve been having a hard time keeping interest in reading, I’ve started two or three so far that I just put back on the shelf without finishing, but with two days left before returning it to the library I thought I better give it a shot.

I put on some of my hardest rocking tunes and said to myself “I’m going to keep pedalling until my body just gives up”. So I pedalled, I listened to tunes by Pantera, Our Lady Peace, Pearl Jam, etc, while I read about sub-atomic particles, the theory of relativity, the double-slit, and space/time.

And how time flew…


Before long I realized that I was on for 40 minutes and my legs were getting a little bit rubbery, so I lowered the tension a little bit and thought, “just another 5 more minutes and I’ll be done”, then a Wolfmother song came on and I got my second wind. I was pedaling at a rate of 70 rotations per minute, which since I was keeping time with the song must have been 140 beats per minute. I then got to 60 minutes with energy to spare and figured I’d done enough, it was definitely beyond what I thought I could do.

I felt awesome! If someone dared me to return a kick-off from the Baltimore Ravens without anyone blocking for me, hurdle over the uprights, do somersaults up the bleachers, proceed to jump out of the stadium, dive into the nearest rapids waterpark, swim down the waterfall, scale a sky scraper, and jump back home while juggling mirror balls, I might have took them up on it. Maybe I’ve heard too much talk about tiger-blood lately.

After my workout I picked up an unhealthy little butter-tart snack at the store but decided I’d make a fruit tray at home to neutralize it. Now I may have felt like a fit academic with my over-my-head quantum physics book and 1 hour exercise bike ride, but trust me, I can’t write about food prep half as good the masters and besides I’ve probably written way too long of a post so far. So if you’re still with me so far, thanks for reading and enjoy the pictures!

Have you ever done something you thought was impossible?



  1. Wolf Mother can get you through any workout!

    The one thing that I did that I thought was impossible was passing Calculus!

    • wooo hoo for passing Calc!!! Yikes – NOT a fun class!!!

  2. haha — passing A&P comes to mind (I’m in A&PII right now and hope I can say the same about this class in 5 weeks! lol)

    My blog post today (“Are You Training Hard Enough?”) actually addresses a topic quite similar to this! Great minds =)

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