Posted by: thefitacademic | March 28, 2011

Best of Intentions

Today is one of my last days before leaving to go to Montreal, and I had the best of intentions to wake up early this morning to get in a good, long, workout before going to work.

I prepared my “cocoon” the night before. That’s what Chris calls my sleeping-spot. I like to pack myself into bed snugly between two long pillows, face down in the regular pillow, then tucked in with blankets. Chris and I each use a separate blanket because of my tucking habits – I like it wrapped around my feet and tucked around my sides. Nothing like that still-inside-the-uterus feeling Open-mouthed smile


But despite my diligence in going to bed early and being tucked in just right (yes, I’m basically OCD), my night of sound sleep was thwarted.

First – I had several dreams (I usually don’t dream & I rarely remember them when I do). Unfortunately, all of my dreams were about work. Fun.

Second – My poor baby Rocky must have eaten something from the trash, because he had an upset stomach and had to be let out several times throughout the night!IMAG0419

Thank goodness is wasn’t vomit I had to clean up (and he was able to make it outside with no clean-up needed), but we don’t have a doggy door so about every hour or so starting around midnight….I had to get up and let the poor baby out.

Don’t worry – he’s rested today and I think he feels much better by now.


In the morning I was pretty exhausted when my alarm went off. And….I may have snoozed through my scheduled gym time. Even by the time I actually got up, I was still ready to be awake.


But that’s okay, because my first appointment of the morning was to get my hair cut & colored!!! I LOVE Aveda salons and that’s where I had my appointment. And I ended up changing my hair a decent amount! Here’s my BEFORE (sorry I look so angry! I was sleepy!)






I chopped about 3 inches off, added tons of layers around the face (the back is still pretty straight), and some long side sweeping bangs that are still long enough for me to pull back. I also added some dark lowlights to darken the color a little, overall.

What do you think?

I’m liking it….but I hope I can recreate it on my own without problems!

Anyways, I’m spending the evening meeting with a business acquaintance of Chris’ and then packing my bags for the trip. Fun stuff!

How to you pick where to get your hair cut when you’re in a new place?

Do you always do your hair the same way, or do you mix it up?



  1. Hope you catch up on some sleep and the pup feels better! Love the hair-you def look refreshed post salon!!! It’s amazing what a day in the spa can do to ones mood!

  2. Your hair looks so cute!

  3. Your hair looks great!! It looks so fresh, love it! I always keep my hair the same (I’m so lame, I know). Sorry about the work dreams. I have those sometimes too. They stink! Have fun in Montreal!

  4. I love your new hair! It’s so bright 🙂

    I go to Aveda salons too! I love the tea they have there. haha.

  5. Poor Rocky, glad to hear he’s feeling better! You sleeping in just means your body wanted rest more than exercise, thats just my opinion of course!

    The hair looks gorgeous!!! I always go to to check out salons and basically anything I need when I’m in a new place or have no recommendations from friends

  6. I like your new haircut! How do I choose a haircut? Ummm…err….I go to the salon, tell them to cut it, they get a panicked look on their face when they realize how frizzy it is after they finish cutting, then I go home, wet it immediately and put some product in it. Ah. Much better. I’m beyond jealous of your sleek shiny hair! Ha!

  7. Your hair looks fantastic! Montreal is one my favorite places! Have a wonderful trip! You must enjoy every 5 course meal, wine, and shop until your hearts content! Have fun!

  8. I love the haircut! I haven’t gotten mine cut since August. I am so cheap that I hate paying for it! I never like what I end up with.

  9. Your hair looks so healthy! I always try to stick to Aveda salons too… I like the consistency in the training and products they use…

  10. Hah “inside the womb feeling” — too funny! I love your new haircut — you look great!

  11. Your hair looks beautiful! It should be very easy to style with a round brush and maybe a flat iron, right?

    That cocoon is soooo funny. I can’t believe you have room for that in your bed!

  12. Like the ‘do! I’m always weary of getting my haircut at new places. And I’ll have to find somewhere new after we move, should be fun!

    At least your pup let you know he needed to go and didn’t make a mess all over the place! My mom’s dog is named Rocky… 🙂

    Too funny about your cocoon. I’m not that bad, but I do like to be tucked in and have the blanket tucked under my chin even if its 100 degrees out. I guess it’s a comfort thing??

  13. your hair looks great!!! 🙂 i go to an aveda school to get my hair done. same great products and so much cheaper! i know some ppl get nervous going to a school, but i’ve always had great experiences!

  14. gorgeous hair darlin! I always mix mine up since it grows so fast. I figure why not? It’ll all be grown out in like 2 months anyways. Ha! So Ive had it every color and cut.

  15. Aveda salons are awesome! And your hair looks fantastic! LOVE.
    Hope the pup feels back to 100% soon!

  16. I love your hair!

    I give my dog some canned pumpkin (vet recommended) when she has the “hershey squirts” and it clears it right up. The power of fiber!

  17. “still-inside-the-uterus feeling” Ha!!!!! 😀

    Love your hair, girlie! xo

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