Posted by: thefitacademic | March 26, 2011

5 guys are better than 5 girls

Yesterday was a dear friends’ birthday and to celebrate he wanted to go out to eat at 5 Guys. It was my first time so I was pretty excited! If you’ve never been to 5 guys before, it’s kind of old-school style burger shop. They have about 3 things on their menu: burger, cheeseburger, and fries. Yep. Not even side-salads. I was a little sad about the lack of veg, but it wasn’t my birthday so I wasn’t going to make a fuss!IMAG0401

The serving sizes were monstrous, so I was thankful I ordered a “small burger” rather than the regular sized burger. And Chris and I shared an order of fries. 5 Guys is known for throwing an extra scoop of fries in their to-go bag, so along with the entire fry container, here were all the leftovers from the bag, alone!


One cute thing they do is let you color on postcards and hang them on their bulletin board. The b-day boy drew this one, which I thought was quite clever!


(that’s a girl on one side of the scale and a burger on the other)

Here’s the big board:


The food was decent, but pretty greasy. I’m glad I got to try it out, but I don’t think I’ll be hitting them up too often.

It was fun hanging out and catching up for awhile, but then the birthday crew went out to get some drinks, and Chris and I bowed out of the event since today is a very busy day for both of us (me working so I can prepare for leaving to go to Montreal this week, and Chris has to work, too)

Speaking of, check out my To-Do List


I keep it in a notebook with my workout, my to-dos, and the food I’ve eaten (so far I’ve only had breakfast, which is why there’s very little written at the top). Some of the stuff I’ve already done – like gardening.

We had a rain-storm the other night – a rarity in Tucson, for sure. It all but destroyed my flower garden that I had just been bragging about! The water really must have been torrential to make all the soil drain out of the flower basket


See in the middle of the picture (above) where there’s a huge indention in the soil?


Here you’re looking at where soil SHOULD be, but has been washed away. The remaining roots are for a sad little failing flower.


And another from on top. Those flowers on the left were clearly pounded hardest.

But I’m not going to give up that easily. I will fight for my flowers! Open-mouthed smile

So first, I had to start by make-shifting the basket. I did this by gathering dried needle-type leaves that had fallen from the tree and packing around the wire edge of the basket so it would hold in the soil. This is definitely a “temporary” fix. I need to buy some new pots and try to save the whole thing but since I’m going out of town, I just need a “band-aid” for the time being.

Next I packed in additional soil, filling in the holes as needed. And finally, I added some water.


Crossing my fingers that the half-dead flowers (those in the front of the basket) will spring back to life now that they’ve got fresh soil and water.

And remember when I got this package of stuff from Swanson?


Well, I’ve started taking this garlic supplement that is supposed to help with stress and fatigue.


I think it’s too soon to tell if it’s really working yet….although I have felt pretty calm and collected despite the insanity of my past week. I will say, however, that the bottle says that the supplements are odorless, and that is certainly not the case. I mean, they don’t make your breath stink like garlic so that’s good….but I have to hold my breath when I swallow one because the odor is pretty revolting and I don’t want to smell it as I toss it in my mouth.

Anywho – I need to get cranking on my To-Do’s!!! Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

Any big/fun weekend plans?

What was the best part of your past week?



  1. I saw a 5 guys in NYC, we almost went (for my brother)…lol
    I’m going to dinner and a hockey game with my sis tonight while W is at a stag!

  2. I’m studying all weekend! I’m boring 🙂

    I have never been to a Five Guys but everyone talks about them SO MUCH that I really wanna try!!

  3. Never tried Five Guys but I’ve heard great things!

  4. A 5 Guys just opened by us and my boys love it but I have yet to eat there.
    The best part of my week was this morning teaching my last class at the gym – the energy was awesome!!

    • awww, I bet that was hard! Good for you for being brave enough to know when enough is enough!

  5. i’ve never been to 5 guys either… not sure if i really want to try it! 🙂 i’m in LOVE with your to-do list. i have a list problem….

  6. Two words for 5 guys – Yum! Yum!

    My most exciting thing this weekend was I went to my first spin class and I loved it! I’m going to turn it into a Saturday morning habit 🙂

    • how cool! My first spin class was an “Intro to Spin” class so all the people were new. By the end, about 5 people had walked out & I had barely made it! You are awesome if you loved it the first time! I think I wanted to puke! haha : )

  7. I’m pretty excited to go to church tomorrow and decide if we want to baptize our son there. I picked back up on c25k today which was exciting. Not much else (lame).

  8. Going to Montreal?? I am jealous! Tell Montreal I said bonjour (the only French I know, I never even been but hear its a fun city) The most favorite part of my week has been not working for three days. I really dont want to go back 😦

  9. I love 5 guys…but only after a heavy night out 🙂 its too hard on my belly otherwise!
    you have a long to do list… looks like mine!

    • yeah, I think i have to second that! : )

  10. I’m sending good-dig-your-roots-down-deep thoughts to your flowers. They look like tough little guys! They can do it!

  11. 5 guys is my FAVORITE burger joint. I’m so happy Colorado Springs has one! There are so many other places I’m leaving here in Dallas, but thank GOD not my 5 guys!! hehe

  12. never been to 5 guys but it looks delicious! how fun! so far the weekend has been wonderful…. good food and exercise-perfect combo if you ask me 🙂

  13. I didn’t do too much this weekend. Mostly just studying. Five guys is an awesome Burger Joint and when I’m craving a burger, I normally hit them up but I don’t make a habit of it.

  14. 5 guys! I have a few of those by me in PA.. they ARE greasy! Yay for gardening 🙂

  15. ahh 5 guys, they do have tasty burgers.
    I’m impressed with your gardening!

  16. my to-do list is scary. I’m avoiding it! haha!

    Go little flowers go! you can do it! =)

    I’ve never been to 5 guys before! We have one here so it’s good that you mentioned they only have 3 ingredients… I can only eat the fries! eep!

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