Posted by: thefitacademic | March 23, 2011

A Mexican twist on WIAW

For Breakfast I had a lovely breakfast mess. It started out like so


Half a banana, a handfull of grapes, some greek yogurt, some plain oats (I got this from Caitlin) a crumbled homemade peanut butter chocolate chip granola bar, and some chia seeds.

I always take a pic pre-mix, but when I actually eat it I like it all mixed together so it essentially looks like a blob of unrecognizable mess. Like so


mmm mmm good! Open-mouthed smile

Lunch was leftovers. Last night I made up a packaged meal thing I got from Trader Joe’s (sorry – can’t remember the brand!) Basically it was chicken stir fry with a light sauce and lots of yummy veg.


And Dinner was the real star meal of the day. I decided to make a new recipe – something that just came to mind. I knew I wanted chicken enchiladas. But why not add spinach and avocado inside the tortillas with the chicken? And thus, the Avocado Spinach Chicken Enchiladas were born!

I started out with these guys:


You’re looking at leftover rotisserie chicken, avocados, spinach, some cheese, and green enchilada sauce.

Building your enchiladas:

Step 1:  Put meat in tortilla


Step 2: Add that cheese!


Step 3: Top with spinach (tear the spinach so it’s bite-sized pieces)



Step 4: smear on some avocado



Roll it up


Put it seam-side down in a baking pan (the size of pan depends upon how many you want to make)


Cover with green chili enchilada sauce (straight from the can – so easy!) And sprinkle with cheese. Bake at 375 until golden brown, about 20 minutes


You can top with a dollop of sour cream (or plain greek yogurt) and some fresh cilantro as a garnish, if desired.


Let me tell ya what – this was AMAZING! Why have I never thought to put avocado inside enchiladas before? I’ve been missing out!

Get on over to Jenn’s page and see what others are eating today, too!


Last night was a LATE night! I worked until midnight, woke up at 7 to do a quick run & take a shower, then I was back at work by 9am.

Luckily I think tonight will be a little more “chill.” I have some household things to take care of and a few groceries I need to scoop up, but otherwise I plan on spending at least an hour just watching mindless TV and turning my brain completely OFF for awhile!

Do you like Mexican food? If not, I’m not sure we can be friends

Share your favorite recipe with me! If you’ve posted about it in a blog, share your link in the comments!

Is it Friday yet???? Open-mouthed smile



  1. avocado INSIDE the enchiladas? ummm trying this! fo sho! =) I have put guac on top but that is the extent of it! oooh on top AND inside! that will be schmawesome!

    I linked ya up girly girl! Happy What I Ate Wednesday! mwah!

  2. I looooooooove Mexican food!! I actually just ate a tortilla with refried beans and mozzarella cheese for dinner 🙂 Didn’t bake it though…I got too hungry. lol!

    My fave blog recipe of ALL time is Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)’s homemade vegan PB cups. SO easy and delicious!! And much more ‘wholesome’ than reese’s 🙂

  3. oh ya, i like the raw oat combo! Its more refreshing with the warmer temps.

  4. I’m afraid of raw oats. But I’d probably eat more oatmeal if I didn’t have to cook it! (I’m lazy)

    • yeah, I was a little skethched about it at first, but it really tastes very similar to granola (minus all the added sugar) when mixed in with a breakfast bowl like this!

  5. LOVE Mexican food! Especially if there’s avocado involved! Do me a favour and invite me for dinner next time you make Mexican, ok?

  6. Mmm…love me some mexican:)

  7. Ah I love mexican food!! and avocados! and your breakfast bowl. Basically youre just winning 🙂

  8. Mmm, I love breakfast messes – perfection!

  9. Ah I love mexican food! and avocado! and that breakfast bowl…I love it all 🙂

  10. Yum! I love Mexican Food and have an addiction to Avocado! I make something similar but I put salsa on the bottom and over the top of the enchildas then the cheese before baking! It’s really good!

  11. OMG, I could not live without mexican food – it’s seriously my favorite in the whole wide world!

  12. I could eat Mexican food every day and be happy! The enchiladas looks amazing….so….frickin….hungry right now!

  13. Mexican and Asian are my favorite meals… I’ve never added avocado to my enchiladas but I love the idea!

  14. Almost Friday!! I like your breakfast ‘mess’ 🙂

  15. Mexican food is my all time favorite!!

  16. I love the idea of using plain oats in my yogurt. I saw that on HTP also. Looks great!
    I just love mexican food! Soo good!

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