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This week is going to be a little brutal. Since last week I kind of slacked a little (hey – it was Spring Break!) and next week I’ll be gone almost all week, this week is definitely CRUNCH ZONE!!!

But that’s okay, I’ve started my Monday morning listening to some ‘tunes about Friday

I know everyone online is totally ripping this girl, and the video is kind of horrible, but I think the song is actually catchy – it has a good beat! Might just be in my next edition of ipod downloads!

So I’ve been holding out on y’all. Chris and I did a trash-the-dress shoot THREE MONTHS ago (in December) and I’ve talked about it and even dangled a little preview, but I’ve finally gotten the picture CD so now I’ll actually share the goods with ya!

And just so ya know – all the photos were done by amazing Austin photographer, Magan Blasig, of Urban Grey Photography.

The shoot was at Town Lake in Austin, Texas and a large portion of it as out on the water in a canoe! Amazing! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.The Jordans-1

The Jordans-75

The Jordans-76

The Jordans-7

The Jordans-14

The Jordans-21

The Jordans-25

The Jordans-26

The Jordans-33

The Jordans-36

The Jordans-39

The Jordans-51


The Jordans-56

The Jordans-62The Jordans-64

The Jordans-69The Jordans-67

The Jordans-74

The Jordans-77The Jordans-81

The Jordans-86

The Jordans-88

The Jordans-93

The Jordans-100


The Jordans-105

The Jordans-110

The Jordans-112

The Jordans-114The Jordans-116

The Jordans-118

The Jordans-119

The Jordans-123

(If you want to more wedding posts, see here)

To answer any questions that could come of this:

Yes, it was semi-embarrassing to run around in a wedding gown all over the place (people kept saying “Congrats” – They thought we had just gotten married…..when we really had gotten married a month before the trash-the-dress shoot!)

Yes, the cruise on the lake was just as relaxing and peaceful as it looked (aside from the shots where our feet are in or skimming the water! It was FREEZING!!!! – December, remember???)

No, Chris did not throw mud all over me (he actually helped me remove it!)

The Jordans-125

Yes, my mom cried at the last pics with mud all over myself. And she hated them. I thought they were artsy Smile

No, the dress did not survive the ordeal. As much as my mom would like to believe that I have it in a cedar chest after having it professionally laundered…..I threw it in the trash the very next day after a half-hearted attempt to wash it (for my Mom’s sake only…I could care less! Read about WHY in this post.)

No, I have ZERO regrets!!!



  1. I think that is fun and you’re not going to wear it again anyway, right?

  2. you’re a rockstar =) LOVE IT!! The photos came out FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love the mud pics! My mom wants me to keep my dress forever too, but I don’t feel like it’s some treasure! I’d rather do a trash the dress thing too 🙂

    • yeah, i just thought there’s no way i’ll wear it again, no way any potential future daughters would want to wear it, and i don’t have any attachment to the thing – i’d rather have the pics than the old dress!

  4. I love these photos. That is seriously so cool. I agree and think I would that when I get married-if you don’t plan on wearing it again…why not?!

  5. i love love love the photos!! 🙂 i don’t plan on saving my dress either. and dang girl – it must have been freezing running around in the strapless dress in december! you’re tough.

  6. I love your trash the dress photos!! 🙂

    For the record, my mom would react the exact say way. She would not “get” it at all, lol.

  7. I love these types of sessions! Ive been trying to talk my cousin into letting me do a similar shoot with her but not a wedding dress.. Just a fun shoot with a fancy dress and a lake.

    • that would be awesome! She would be lucky!

  8. I love trash the dress, it looks so fun! I would do it, but six years and two kids after my wedding, I don’t think my dress would fit anymore.

    Okay, I had never heard that song, but I had heard about it. I figured I’d like it because I have a strong tolerance for Disney tweens. But my gosh, that is the *worst* song I have ever heard. I think everything about it is terrible. The lyrics, her voice, the way she says “Frieyydayye”

    Oh wait, I just got to the rap part. That’s not too bad. But the lyrics. OMG. So bad.

    • haha, i think it’s hilarious! “I got my bowl, gotta get my cereallllll” : )

    • Oh man! I thought I was the only one that cringed at the way she said Friday… But overall it is pretty catchy lol

  9. This is so awesome, I love it!

    Such gorgeous pics also, even if you are dirty 🙂

  10. Trash the dress sounds like so much fun!!!

  11. I love the photos! They are great! You look fantastic even in mud!

    I think they should give little Rebecca a break it’s bubble gum music and actually age appropriate…

  12. I love the pictures in the canoe! That’s such a cute concept for a dress shoot…

  13. I WISH I would have done a “trash the dress” sesh but then I went ahead and sold my dress (silly me!). Your pics are amazing! It looks like the session was a blast 🙂 xx Cat

    • selling if for cash is always a good idea! My dress was just such a handfull (I designed it, had it made specifically for me, then TONS of alterations, re-beading work, etc etc etc). I really wanted to commemorate it one more time….then to get it OUTTA MY LIFE! I had a love-hate thing going on with the dress. : )

  14. I love love love those pics!!! Wow I would have been so scared of going in the mud though 🙂 People are going crazy over that song!

  15. Oh my gosh, I think my heart just exploded at the beautifulness! Now I want a wedding…

  16. I like the last pic; some of the muddy ones aren’t my favorite but I love that its so true to who you are and not about being perfect in white.

  17. Those photos are really original, it’s not everyday you’d see someone in a wedding gown with a dime-sized coffee-stain, let alone actual mud.
    Looks like you had a good time.

  18. How cute! You look gorg (even with mud on your face)!!

  19. I love the photos!! So pretty. I probably would have gone one step further and gotten really dirty! 🙂 The picture where you’re sorta upside down and your eyes look wicked…that’s my favorite shot!

    That song is terrible. I’m sorry…the fact that it’s age appropriate is awesome except that the lyrics were just bad. I feel bad for the poor girl but I just don’t understand how it got produce.

    • her parents paid for it. I heard some story about it and the mom shelled out a couple grand to have the video done.

  20. I LOVE this whole “trash the dress” thing…so much fun and such great pictures! And as awful as the lyrics are for Friday…I found myself humming it most of the day today, so that’s got to be worth SOMETHING! As I ranted at length on my blog last night, I feel really sorry for the poor kid. 😦

  21. yay this is so great! good for you for having fun in your dress. the pics are gorgeous and yes i would say artsy!

  22. I EFFING love them ALL!!!!!! I am SO totally doing this if Alex and I ever get married… no question!!!!! 😀

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