Posted by: thefitacademic | March 20, 2011

Lake Havasu & Urban Assault

Thanks for all the comments about what to do about my friends, “Jamie” & “Pat”. It’s such a sticky situation. I think I’ve decided to ask Jamie to meet me for a yoga class. All of us (Jamie, Pat, me, and a few other people) used to meet about once a week for yoga and for some reason just kind of stopped several months back – the last time we went as a group was probably November?? Anyways, I thought that might be a good neutral way to reach out. Hopefully it doesn’t combust…I’ll keep you posted Smile

Wow! This has been such an eventful long weekend! If you’ll recall, I went to Lake Havasu for part of my Spring Break. How about a photo recap?


Did laundry, bought food, and made snacks for the road-trip to Lake Havasu city (a 5.5 hour drive from Tucson)



Loaded the car & hit the road


Rocky was NOT going to be left behind! Smile


The route – from Tucson to Lake Havasu City. We arrived by about 2pm and went straight to the beach.


Set up camp across the street from the water


Let the boys swim. We waded in a little, too (it was FREEZING!)



And, of course, there were campfires



More of the same. Swimming, playing cards, making friends, etc. We left the camp grounds to go to the main portion of the lake with all the Spring Break festivities. Didn’t take the camera, but there was no need. You can surely imagine a bunch of half-naked people walking around getting drunk (nipple pasties and all!) It was very “spring break”, indeed. Not really  my scene, but it was a fun atmosphere and the dogs had a good time being loved on by all the drunken peeps wandering about. They received a LOT of attention!

By late Friday afternoon the boys were TIRED! They’d had some full days!


Rocky set up shop in the tent. The rest of us made smores.


and hung out, made friends with our neighbors, and enjoyed ourselves.


Slept in late, made another final trip to the lake


Then hit the road. It was all the boys could do to stay awake on the drive back. And they didn’t. Most of the way they slept together like a little pack.


I loved the views! I’ve been missing WATER! It felt invigorating to see green grass and water instead of just dirt and rocks everywhere!IMAG0331IMAG0332

More sleepy boys


By the time we got home it was all we could do to unpack the car and start a load of laundry before hitting the hay.


(This was about 9pm)


The alarm went off just a little too early this morning! But we had to get up because we’d committed to volunteering at Urban Assault. It’s a partner bike-race-relay that is hosted by New Belgium.


In addition to prizes for time, they do prizes for costume, too, so there are a lot of funny costumes milling about.



And, of course, there is beer!



There are also big wheel races


and disc golf


Photo ops


and tons of free swag!

Chris and I volunteered last year and had such a good time that we had to do it again this year.  Next year I don’t think I’m going to volunteer though. Next year I want to officially ENTER the race! If it’s this fun as a volunteer, I can’t imagine how fun it is for the participants!

And this afternoon needs to be spent catching up on laundry from the camping trip and prepping for the week. I’m not going to lie. I am WAY behind on work since I went away for the camping trip. But I really think it was worth it. Sometimes you NEED a break……for your own mental health! I just have to remind myself of that sometimes.

What was the biggest highlight of your weekend?



  1. Glad to hear you found a solution for the friend debate. Hope it goes well!
    My biggest highlight was probably seeing my niece and nephew:)

  2. I’m glad you found a good solution as well.

    I did absoutely nothing exciting this weekend-although I was rather productive I guess with school work but other than that nothing too fun. Those dogs are adorable. I love big dogs versus small-so much more fun.

  3. celebrated matt’s birthday friday at Bess (sandra bullock’s restaurant downtown) and then we went out on Saturday night to a new restaurant on the lake with friends and we are about to go to dinner to celebrate Jacob and Lauren’s engagement–they got engaged today. I am busy with work and planning the baby shower for next weekend–are you planning a trip to austin anytime soon? SXSW was this weekend and it was insanely packed haha…traffic was horrible! Wish I was a “camper” it looks like you guys had fun! Sounds like your life is going great as usual!!!

  4. It looks like you had a fantastic weekend! I hope nothing combusts at Yoga – it sounds like the perfect plan!

    The highlight of my weekend was the St. Patrick’s day race! It was a great time! And fun to get back into the swing of my exercise routine 🙂

  5. I hear you, sometimes you do just need a break for your own mental health!!! Awesome pictures, sounds like you has a great weekend girl 🙂

  6. ahh, urban assults are so fun! what a spontaneous weekend full of good adventure. I just love your pup picks! I can’t get enough. Hope your home safe and sound now.

  7. Oh gosh, you make this kind of adventuring look like so much fun! I’m so not a sleeping-outdoors kinda girl, but I think I’m missing out!

  8. You make camping look fun!

    That Urban Assault thing looks crazy, but now I want to do it too!

  9. What a great trip!! I haven’t been camping in so long!
    And big wheel races?? AWESOME.

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