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First – do you want to do a guest post for my blog?? I’m going to be going to Montreal for about a week for a conference the last week of this month. Since I’ll be busy kicking ass and taking names networking, presenting research, and attending presentations, I could use a little help over here on the old bloggy! Email me @ aking1231 [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks guys!

Now that I’ve gotten that outta the way – I’ve gotten so much fun stuff in the mail lately! Don’t you just love coming home and having a package!? It’s the best!


First, I got this super cute car magnet from Tiffany who blogs over @ simplyshaka (technically the card was from Tiffany AND Lincoln, her adorable dog Smile). If you haven’t yet – check her blog out!

Here’s Tyson being confused by me photographing the magnet (on my fridge – it’s dark out so I couldn’t do it on the car)


I also got a package from the folks over at Swanson. If you haven’t heard yet, they totally encourage bloggers to contact them about the opportunity to review Swanson products for readers.


So far I’ve only used the Jason Hand & Body Therapy Lotion, so I’ll let you know about the others as I use them.

**Note: As always, I will give my full and honest opinion of the products I review**


I really liked the lotion. Although it says “Lavender” clear as day on the front, I really don’t think it smells like lavender….it kind of smells like nothing, which is fine by me because I don’t like really strong scented lotions. The lotion is a “medium” texture on a scale from runny –-> thick. It’s definitely not runny, but it’s not the thickest of lotions, either. It dries quickly and does a good job of keeping my skin feeling hydrated (which is hard to do in the Arizona desert air!). I probably only feel the need to reapply a couple of times a day.

Smell:  Neutral

Texture/Consistency: Medium Thickness

Dry Time: Quick

Number of Applications Per Day:  2-3

Overall Rating (1-10): 7.5

I think this lotion is well above average (assuming “average” is 5), but although good, it’s not quite perfect. I’m kind of a connoisseur of lotion (again – I live in a desert!), so I know what I’m talking about! Winking smile

And Chris and I used a Groupon today for lunch to go try out a new to us called Create. I loved the feel of the place – it was so funky and had such personality. And I LOVE the matchy-but-not-matchy thing they had going on with practically everything at the place (e.g., they had mismatching tables & chairs, chandeliers, benches, etc.)




but the best part was the FOOD! I had a chicken gyro with sweet potato fries.


It was AMAZING! The gyro wasn’t super authentic, but it tasted delicious. And the fries were slap-yo-momma good. Yes. That good.

I spent the rest of the day working & I need to get back to it now! Our scheming plans to go away for a long weekend means I need to get some stuff taken care of now!

Are you interested in getting some free Swanson Health Products goodies to review on your own blog? Then check out the Swanson Health Blog for all the details.

Don’t forget to e-mail me if you’re interested in doing a guest post for me later this month!



  1. I agree-I don’t like strong scented lotions. When I sweat-I feel it comes right off and smells awful.

    I would love to do a guest post for you if your interested. 🙂 Feel free to email me at

  2. What a fun car magnet. I didn’t know Swanson was so interested in blog reviews – sweet!

  3. I love the car magnet! So cute! I think that my husband would seriously roll hi eyes at me if I ever tried to put an “I heart dog” magnet on my car. Haha!

    If you’re still looking for guest posters, and you think I’d fit your needs, I’d love to do a guest post! Montreal is an amaaaazing city. My mom grew up there.

  4. Hooray-I’m so happy you got it and like it 🙂 That was really quick too, I feel like I just mailed it out! Tyson looks very intrigued by the magnet…….

    Thanks for posting that link to Swansons, thats awesome they are proactively looking for bloggers. I love lavender lotion before bed time-puts me right to sleep, bummer it didn’t have too much of a scent though (I’m definitely a scented lotion kinda girl)

  5. Cute car magnet. I have seen sweet potato fries on a couple of blogs now and I want it now!

  6. I like that car magnet! I also love that you used the phrase “slap yo momma” good. Epic 🙂

  7. I LOVE getting anything in the mail-it makes my day HAHA. I love your magnet 🙂

  8. yummm I love sweet potato fries!

    I’ll have to check out that blog, I love free stuff! haha

  9. The car magnet is so cute!! I hope you have a great time in Montreal!! And I love using Groupons for restaurants. You get to try new and exciting places!

  10. I love my Jason lotion. Mmm mmm yum.!

  11. I’m from Montreal! I got really excited when I read you were visiting! Have fun while you’re here!!!!

  12. I’m not a fan of that lotion either — their apricot body wash though is FANTASTIC! ❤

    hooray for groupon meals! i'm obsessed with gyros!!!!

  13. “slap-yo-momma good” – Ha!! Love this!

  14. Don’t you just love groupon! I have had to stop myself from buying so many of them since I was going a bit crazy there for a while.
    Gyros are one of my favorite foods..yum!

    • haha, me too! I have to stop and ask myself “is this something I would be buying anyway” (then it’s okay to buy), OR “am i just buying this because I’m being allured by the price?” If I don’t really need it or it’s not something I regularly buy, I try to stay away.

  15. What an adorable magnet! And Groupon rocks. I just bought one the other day for Sushi, can’t wait to use it!

  16. Slap-yo-mama good? Haha! I love that. With that description I definitely need to try those fries. 😉

    I’m kind of jealous of your free Swanson products. Unfortunately I don’t live in the States so I can’t review. *siiiiiiiiiigh*

  17. I love that car magnet – its so cute!

    Im really picky about my lotions. Its so hard to find a good one. And I agree with you about the smell – I hate when Im having a shower and can smell my lotion from the night before coming off. Its weird.

  18. Have fun in Montreal, I go there every year, it’s awesome.

  19. oh what great goodies!

  20. I super love that magnet! 😀

  21. […] other news, remember when Swanson sent me a bunch of products to review? I’ve given a couple reviews but hadn’t used all of the […]

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