Posted by: thefitacademic | March 13, 2011

Derby Girls

Last night we met some friends to go to a Roller Derby together. I feel ashamed to say that this was my FIRST time to go, despite the fact that I’ve had friends who have participated in roller derbies literally for years and spanning 3 different states (friends I worked with in Austin did it, a fellow grad student from Florida did the derby, and now here in Arizona I’ve got another friend who participates).

We were rooting for the “Furious Truckstop Waitresses”


Sadly I could not get close enough to get a good picture, but their outfits were too cute – short pink dresses with black bottoms (tights/skirts/shorts/etc) and a little waitress apron. Having been a waitress for the better part of a decade, I loved it!IMAG0228IMAG0231

It was a little more “low budget” than what I had expected (notice the folding chairs?), but I still had a great time – as did Chris Smile


And today has been another workout-heavy day. First, I got up and braved the Sunday-morning shoppers at a variety of grocery stores (I routinely visit 3 grocery stores:  Trader Joes, Sunflower Farmer’s Market, and Fry’s). I LOVE how Sunflower’s has free coffee set out for shoppers


If you don’t consider grocery shopping a form of “exercise”, then you have never been in the thick of grocery-store traffic before!

After groceries, Chris and I hit up the local tennis court and played a game of tennis. Both of us played in High School and we still occasionally play here-and-there. It’s been such beautiful weather lately that it was really just a perfect day for it!

And finally, I went to my usual Sunday yoga class. I’ve still been doing the P90X videos as scheduled, but last week when I did the yoga video I HATED it! Didn’t even feel like yoga! Just a series of moves that weren’t connected and….I don’t know how to explain it, but it just didn’t feel “right.” I decided I’m going to substitute the yoga DVD for REAL yoga. I’m happy with my decision. Open-mouthed smile

This Sunday is a little different than other Sunday nights. That’s because this upcoming week  is technically my Spring Break week. I’m still going to be working, but I can work from home (Yay!) and I already know I’m going to play hooky on Friday so I can have a long weekend break – we’ve been toying with the idea of taking a day-trip somewhere. We really don’t have the funds to do anything extravagant, but there are tons of little fun cities within an hour drive or so (e.g., Tombstone & Bisbee top the list, but there are lots others). I should do a little internet research and see what looks fun!

I love doing “research” for fun trips and vacations!

Are you planning any upcoming vacations? Do you usually plan out trips, or just get the basics nailed down and go-with-the-flow?

I usually research lots of different options for sight-seeing, etc., then we can pick from stuff that we feel in the mood for while we’re actually on vacation.



  1. I love the teams name haha. I have some friends who do the roller derby here but have never been. I will have to check it out before I move.

    I like to plan some stuff however if I’m going somewhere where I know someone, I usually like to get their input.

    • definitely – can’t beat an insider’s opinion!

  2. ahhh I want to go to a roller derby sometime! sounds so fun! =)

    Go you for sticking with p90x! I think real yoga is for sure the way to go! ❤


  3. I can’t believe I’ve never been to the roller derby here in Austin… it’s one of those things I always mean to do and never get around to!

  4. I’m taking a road trip in a few days to run a half-marathon with my uncle 🙂 SO excited!

  5. I wish we had roller derby up here! I’ve heard great things about Bisbee. Have fun!!

  6. this is my spring break too! i’m working from “home” in st. louis with brad! it’s so nice to be able to spend my working hours in the comfort of his house and our non-working hours together! 🙂

    and aren’t roller derby girls intense?!? i had no idea how tough of a sport roller derby was! i only went once, and i still don’t 100% understand it, but i can appreciate that they work their butts off!

  7. That’s so cool that you went to a Roller Derby! I used to always watch the show that was on TNN years ago!

  8. I need to plan out trips. I am too much of an overorganizer to not.

    That rollar derby looks like so much fun. I have never actually been surprisingly.

  9. I wish wish wish on a thousand falling stars that I could say I was planning another overseas trip. Alas! I have to look for a job instead. Boo! 😛

    Roller derby must be so fun to see in real life!

  10. Thanks for coming out to the Tucson Roller Derby!
    As a Rookie Furious Truckstop Waitress, I welcome you to come right up to the taped-edge safety markings of the track—all the action is right up front! We actually used to bout in another location in Tucson, but moved to the TCC because of the amount of fans coming to each bout literally outgrew the other track!

    Next time—come up and say “Hi”! We LOVE to meet our fans!

    K’Mean Streak

    Tucson Roller Derby is an all-girl flat-track roller derby league formed in 2003. Skater-owned and -operated, TRD is a 501(c)3 organization. “By the skaters. For the skaters. Always.”

  11. My friend is currently in Roller Derby training camp! And she loves it! I wish I had her moxy but I have complete fear of breaking my ankle. I think I would make a better cheerleader on the sidelines 🙂

    It depends on our trip! But usually I plan every detail…

  12. I wish I was planning a vacation!!! So sad……..

  13. I’ve never been to a roller derby but I would love to see one in the future! They look interesting and I think I’d like to not just watch roller derby, but actually try it out one day.

    I’m definitely planning an upcoming vacation! At the end of March I’m going to Australia for 2 1/2 months. Since I’ll be staying with a friend I’m kind of winging the whole thing. I mean, she’s the pro so she’ll just show me all the cool things to do and see. 😉

    • Definitely – it’s the best when you have an “inside connection” : )

  14. That roller derby looks so fun!!

    I don’t like most yoga that’s a “workout” and I really only like real yoga at a studio too 🙂

  15. A few of my friends are in the roller derby- seems so fun!

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