Posted by: thefitacademic | March 12, 2011

Lazy Night & Working Morning

Last night was a pretty lazy night. When I got out of school I was EXHAUSTED from the grueling week! After lazing about for a bit, we decided to go get a movie from RedBox. Have you ever used RedBox? Only $1/day for movie rentals! Also let me give you a little tip for a FREE Redbox. Use this promo code: DVDONME – good for 1 free rental day (if you keep it for longer than a day, you will be charged the usual $1/day after the first free day). We got 2 movies: It’s Kind of a Funny Story (for all of us) & Jackass 3 (for the boys – I have NO interest in that crap!)


We also tag-teamed dinner (so much better with helpers!) and hit up the local fro-yo place down the street: BTO – it’s one of those places where you pick you flavor, add your toppings and pay by the ounce. They are awesome because they have a TON of flavors and even have options like sugar free and dairy free!


I can’t help myself – I always get a mix of different flavors!


Dairy-free raspberry tart, sugar-free blueberry tart, and cake batter frozen yogurts topped with strawberries, kiwi, white chocolate chips, shredded coconut and a squirt of caramel syrup (tried to concentrate the caramel over the cake batter….but it didn’t work out so well).


Delicious! I always get way too much – they trick you with their GIANT cups!

After froyo we were going to watch It’s Kind of a Funny Story, but I was so tired that about 20 minutes in I fell asleep on the couch and the boys pulled the old Texas Switch and swapped it out for JackAss 3. When I woke up and saw they were in the throws of JackAss (around midnight), I decided to hit the hay and try watching my movie again some other time.

I’m glad I got a good night’s rest because this morning I had lots of exercise in my schedule!

First I did a P90X video


Sometimes it’s hard to do them because the boys (dogs) want to come see what I’m doing and get in my way! Do you ever have that problem with your pets?

After P90X, I had a whole wheat bagel with Cashew Butter – my first time trying this type of nut butter! Look how creamy/dreamy!




Topped with some Bonne Maman wild blueberry preserves


and my daily vitamins + water!

I digested for a bit, then headed out for my quick 12-minute Guerilla Cardio run. Have you ever heard of Guerilla Cardio? A guy I know has been doing research on the process – published articles have argued that this program is one of the FASTEST ways to burn FAT, thus lowering body fat percentage while maintaining muscle mass. Well I want in on that! 12 minutes! No problem, right!?


The structure of the program is as such:

4 minutes = warm-up (50% maximum)

4 minutes = alternating intervals of 20 seconds SPRINT & 10 seconds WALK/JOG

4 minutes = cool down (50% maximum)

So you’re only really “working” for 4 minutes when you’re alternating the sprint/recover intervals.

I already do interval workouts, I’m familiar with fartleks, I thought I would have absolutely no problem! But, those super rapid-fire intervals are just WAY quicker than anything I’ve done before and by the time I was 2 minutes into the intervals, I was already DYING! I could NOT sprint the last “sprint” intervals – I simply went as fast as I could. By the time I hit the “cool-down”, I was practically wheezing I was so out-of-breath! ME! And I consider myself a fairly “fit” individual! I mean, I’m no Janetha or Fitnessista but I’m no “wuss” either!

I LOVED it! Open-mouthed smile

This may be my new favorite challenge! And the fact that it’s only 12 minutes means NO EXCUSES! I can totally fit that into my schedule on practically ANY DAY!

Now I’ve got some normal Saturday errands to attend to. Happy Weekend!



  1. We love Redbox, but lately instant Netflix is winning out!

  2. It sounds like an awesome workout! I think I will try it once the snow melts! It would be an epic fail for me attempting to sprint on the ice 🙂 I’ll have to keep in mind for the spring…

    • yeah, you can actually do it with anything too (bike, elliptical, etc) but the research has indicated that for maximum fat burning that running is best!

  3. That sounds like such a rigorous workout ahh.

    Peanut butter bagels always help me recover so quickly. They are seriously one of my favorites.

  4. I have a problem with my dog when doing yoga. He’s invented – and perfected – a brand new move: Nose Up The Downward Dog Butt.

  5. My dog ALWAYS wants to help with workouts. It’s such a pain (in a cute way)

    Great workout!

    • haha, yeah the best (worst) is when Rocky comes and sits directly in my lap. Yep – all 100 pounds of him! Right smack in my lap!

  6. I’ve done that middle 4 minute interval – its called tabatas – on the treadmilll, and I wanted to DIE. I may have to go outside and try it later this afternoon. Maybe. If I feel liking dying. 🙂

    • haha – yeah, the friend I know who has been doing it keeps sending me articles all about “the tabatas protocol” – i had no idea there was so much research behind it!

  7. I don’t know if we have Redbox in Canada.. but I would love to try it if we do. $1 a movie? AWESOME. I’ve watched, “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” and really liked it. Quirky and cute. 🙂

    My dog is usually pretty good when I’m working out. She’ll come and hover but usually she just lays down at a distance where I won’t accidentally hit or step on her.

  8. How was It’s Kind Of a Funny Story? I don’t know anyone who has seen it but the previews looked good.

    When I work out at home, I had to put my dog in the other room. If not, it’s an accident waiting to happen…..

  9. i LOVE redbox – my fiance and i use it all the time! also, thanks for the idea for the guerilla running technique! i will definitely try that!

  10. I love redbox too, we try and watch it at least once every two weeks. What a workout girl!

  11. Sounds like a great workout! We love the instant Netflix.

  12. I have yet to find fro-yo place that has dairy-free options around here… Austin needs to get with the program!

    • for real! You would think of all places that Austin would have some options available!

  13. Too much envy. Too much envy. How is it fair that there’s no fro-yo in my city at all?! 😦

  14. […] run. My P90X plan called for a 45minute Cardio X DVD, but I opted instead for a 4 mile run + the guerilla cardio workout I talked about a couple days ago. I think it was especially nice today because the Tucson weather […]

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